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Tikka T3 lite?

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To whom it may concern,

I am looking at a Varmiter gun (ground hog woodchuck ect..) and i have found the Tikka T3 lite. I am looking for a light gun that i could carry aruond all day. I really want it in .223(or for all you NATO guys 5.56x45mm) mainly i wont be shooting over 300 yards and I like the price of the ammo :twisted: (DIRT CHEAP).
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I've had the opportunity to shoot a T3 Lite, and it is a really nice rifle. They also get high ratings in reviews etc, with the only drawback considered to be the polymer stock(Conservative hunters want their wooden stocks....).

Using 5.56x45, you won't have any serious problems with recoil, but if you choose to switch to a larger caliber sometime in the future, you might want to add weight to it.
Great now i only have to make the money for one but i also want to do some things to my 700 (free float the barrel and glass bed the action :D )
Oh i forgot to say I love my wood stocks but they are to easy to scartch up :evil: . So i really like the Synthetic.

Oh and Thanks Nek

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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