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Tikka T3 rings any good?

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My question is simple, I am considering getting a Tikka T3 but I am wondering if the mounting system they are using is worth a darn or not? It seems to me that the bases would move after not a whole lot of shooting. Anyways I believe the reciever is dilled and tapped for other brand bases other than Tikka's right?

By the way Mele thx for the great site!

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Did some searching on there website, and yes it is drilled and tapped. But I would still be interested in your opinions on the Tikka ring base combo.
All indications have been that the rings are "usable" for hunting situations. Tactical is a no go. They will work for range work, and to get you shooting, but I would plan on replacing them with a good set of bases and rings in the near future.

I suspected it would be that way, just hoping for once I could save some money. Oh well.

thx for the reply
In the first semester of 2005, Tikka will market a Piccatiny base for T3.
Bases /Rings

Hello ,

first post here as i have always just lerked here but i will share with what i know on the Tikka . the standard rings that come with the tikka should do well for hunting , the down side is you can only mount up to a 42 mm bell and that depends on the scope maker as all 42mm may be different if they have AO's. the rings that come with the Tikka the front one does have the stud(recoil Lug ) that fits into the top of the receiver so once mounted they shouldnt move at all , i didnt use mine as i have tried two different scopes on my T3 a 1 inch tube Leupold and the current Leupold that i have mounted . i used Millet High rings on the 1 inch tube they worked out great zero problems (they are for sale now ) . on my current setup i use Weaver 61 bases both front and rear , and i have had zero problems with them they are only for short term use , as i have emailed Sako/Tikka to see if a rail for a TRG-22 will fit on the Tikka receiver my other option is Ken Farrell will make a 20 moa rail for 125.00 . i see that Tikka will market a Piccatiny base for T3 thats good to hear as i may hold off on the Farrell to see as of right now i havent heard back from Sako/Tikka on the rail . if i can answer any other questions for you let me know as i will check back on the post .

I will list my setup for you

Tikka T3 Varmit 308
Stock modified
Ken Farrell 20 moa rail
Rings IOR HDT Med# 30mm
Scope Leupold :
MK4 6.5X20X50mm LRT/MD
Trigger 2lbs.
Harris 9X13 Slotted
TIS M24 Sling
Ammo : Handloads 175 SMK
Round CT : 174
average groups :
0.268 to 0.362
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Thanks TS2, Please keep me updated on your email, if you don't mind :) Also how is the accuracy of your rifle? I think I must be reading it wrong, it looks like your saying it shoots between 1/4" and 1/2"?



You wrote !!
I think I must be reading it wrong, it looks like your saying it shoots between 1/4" and 1/2"?

No Tex your eyes are good and that is correct , i added this rifle to use as a mid range rifle , i have trigger time behind a TRG-41 that why i went with the Tikka because of the action / barrels/ and trigger . this Tikka will shoot as good as my 2 custom Remmy's at half of the cost . my ammo is all handloads , SMK 175 IMR 4064 AOL 2800+ L.C. match cases .
i really think i can improve alittle with more load development .

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I am very amazed! And jelous 8)

Oh and by the way mery christmas to all.

What caliber is your T3 Varmint rifle? Performance?

mel it says tikka t3 varmint 308 :D



i have updated my profile so you can reach me by email if you have questions . [email protected]


I was waiting to read your review on the rifle before i added anything plus/minus . i will add this the rifle is NOT a sniper rifle as i feel the stock is the weak link for heavy field use , for a hunting /varmit or paper shooter it should do well in most cases for call out rifle it still needs alittle work but if i had to use it iam sure it would do the job . it has a good platform to build upon though so i will see what i can do by taking it to the next level .

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just to update on a rail for the Tikka T3 . i got my rifle back from Ken Farrell so there's a 0 moa & 20 moa rails for the Tikka now . Ken told me the price on the rails will be around $72.00 that's a good price for a steel rail so if you have a good set of rings allready the rail will complete the package.


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yeah, thats awesome :D


Muzzleblast & Scharfschütze

glad you like the Tikka for a mid range rifle it fits in very well , here's a pic after i installed the rail and got it on paper .


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