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Tikka T3

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Im thinking about getting a Tikka T3 Hunter rifle in 222 or 223. Does anyone have any experience with any Tikka T3 rifles?
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Tikka T3 Varmint/Tactical review will be up in a few months... but currently I do not have much to offer you. All tikka T3 rifles are shipped only after they shoot at least a 1 MOA group, which is outstanding for a mass produced, relatively affordable rifle.

What about sako rifles? How would you compare their action to a Tikka and Remington. Ive found a place where I can just by a sako action for 350 bucks and I might build a rifle instead.
SAKO makes excellent actions that can take a lot of punishment and still work smoothly. They tolerate cold and heat very well, and are extremely popular in hunting and competition rifles over here.
Ah another thing I forgot to ask, why are Sakos so much more expensive than Tikkas. The only difference is the action. They use the same barrels as Tikkas and stocks. And the price difference is 800 bucks! And I have found new Sako actions for 350 bucks at ffl price, which doesnt make sense to me.

Not all models use the same barrels, and some of the stocks are quite different.

Also, the difference in price is because more of the details in the SAKO rifles are made out of steel, requiring more work and more expensive materials, which costs more in the end.

What is a Sako 591 action? These are the actions for sale for $350, I noticed them also, but figured perhaps the 591 is the old model that the 75 replaced?

The Action I was looking at was the 691 long action in the white with Remington 700 contour/Tap.
errrr... perhaps the one I was looking at was also a 691... I'm at the office and do not have the catalog I was looking at handy, so I could be mistaken. (What was that about your memory going first??)

Sako S491/M591/L691/L691 Magnum are all the same family, and the generation before the Sako 75's.

The S491 is a short action for calibers such as .17 Rem, 5.56x45 etc, M591 is a medium action for calibers such as 7.62x51/.308 Win, .270 etc. L691 is a long action for 6.5x55, .30-06 etc. L691 is a long action for Magnum cartridges.
thanks for the info Nek,

Quality of the actions? Are they worth while to build a rifle on?
What changes were made to the model 75?
Quality is good and they are durable, they work smoothly, and were(and still are to a certain degree) in many competition rifles.

I don't know what the changes are, really, but here's a link to Sako's manuals:

And yes, you could definitely build a great rifle on it.
Mele, just wandering where you saw the Sako action for sale. Saw the ones im looking at in Jerrys Sports. They were only long actions though. Im looking for the 591 as I would like to build a 308 off of a Sako action.

Jerry's same as you. Did you try calling and seeing if they have others available?

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