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TPS rings and mounts

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Hey fellas. I'm new here and to the precision long range shooting scene and am trying to get started. Does anyone have any experience with the rings and bases from Tactical Precision Systems, Inc. ???????

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I do not, however may I suggest Badger Ordnance or Leupold Mark 4. USO makes excellent hardware as well however they are more. Can't go wrong with Badger. There has been several threads on Rings and bases in the past. If you dig a little you might find some good info. Good luck.

I have seen their website and products LOOK good, but have not heard anything about their quality. I recently upgraded the bases and rings on my 700P, looked at TPS, but went with Badger. The extra few dollars were worth the peace of mind.

Here's a link with some reviews:

We are working on some independent reviews of our products and I will post the results when I get them.

I would put our rings against any manufacture for product reliability and sleep well at night. Not so sure they would!
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Well, you can always send our fine webmaster here a set of them. Getting them reviewed by mel will help sell them quicker on this site than alot of anything else.
If Mel would like a set of rings and base to test? I would be happy to send him a set. P.M. me and I will hook you up Mel.
PM Sent:

Of course I'd be happy to review them.

After further consideration and research, I too might be interested in trying out a pair of TPS rings and bases. Especially the titanium rings! :D

I still have mostly Badger but TPS seems to give them a run for their money. Mel's independent, unaffiliated and honest review should prove most interesting. Cant wait Mel....
Yep, I'm anxious to try them out. I'll be reviewing a 20 MOA base and steel rings. Stay tuned....

TPS_Phil is a real helpfull guy. I posted on there forums and got responses also the same minute. Do a search and talk to people they are really impressed with the quality.
We are getting your package together as we speak and hope to get it out today. Monday at the latest!
Thanks in Advance,
Sounds great phil, everyone is anxious to see the review

Hello Mel,
Your package shipped out today (2-Day), so you should receiving them by Wednesday.
Thanks Again,
The TPS stuff is top notched. Tolerance and fit and finish is second to none.
The durabilty is also great. My personal rifle wears them and the new Hathcock edition rifles will also wear them.

Good stuff. You will like them Mele.

Thanks for the Complements Celt,
Your Hd rifles are second to none and by far not only the best looking rifles on the market, but the best performing. We look forward to a great relationship in the future and if I happen to make it the Shot Show will come and shake your hand.
Thanks Again,
If you didn't know our forum members get entered into a monthly drawing. I think I mentioned before, but here is the updated info and the winner for January.

"We have decided the forum winner from now on will get a package from TPS for your rifle. :shock: No need to choose as you will get both Rings and a Base." We would also like the winner to post a pic and or write alittle something in return.
*New Detail- Winner has one week to respond or we re-draw.....
*Prize Selection is on post January Prizes and in the future we will post pics of products to choose from.
Winner for this month's drawing is DT20
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