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Two of my pistols

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Taurus 99 Red Dot / Springfield Armory M-1911A1 Full Size Loaded Model. Ill get more pics of other pistols later on. I replaced the delta lite hammer on my 1911 with a heavier colt commander hammer... more reliable.

Taurus 99AF Manufactured Oct 1994, 9X19mm, 17 round magazine, Tasco Pro Point Red Dot optics, B-Square mount.

Springfield Armory M-1911A1 Full Size Loaded Model, .45 Auto, Full length guide rod, match adjustable trigger set at 3mm of creep and 1.5 pound trigger, Novak low pro carry tritium night sights, Colt commander stainless steel hammer, Wilson Combat 8 round "Officer" mags, Wilson Combat match grade barrel and barrel bushing.
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Nice pistols! Definately drool worthy. Do you shoot IPSC with the :D
Nope... just somthing i built up for screwin around with and plinking. :D
If i was going to do IPSC i would get a 38 super or 40 cal 1911 double stack with all the bells and whistles. I have been thinking about a 38 super 1911 for a while but i allways find myself buying another 45... :)
Pet Weapons

You show very good tast without wasting money, I am sure that your A1 should be an excellet shooter as I have found nothing but good things come out of the custom shop at Springfield Ar., I would love to play with that Taurus 99, have to get a new set of dies, I can see it now.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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