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Type 84M SKS

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Has anyone ever heard of this weapon? I was looking at a Ghost Recon 2 sight and supposidly it's a North Korean DMR version of the SKS that's more accurate than the AK47 (which isn't saying much :wink: ). I looked it up on Google and could find nothing.
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first GR was decent
not sure about 2nd

im not much of a gamer though

Is the second game out yet?
Re: re

Yimmy said:
Is the second game out yet?
never herd of it till ya mentioned it
the only problem i had was atleast the AI in rogue spear however cheap shot back same with the ai in raven shield
the friendly ai on ghost recon is byond stupid
they dont fight they just stand there, crouch, stand up, walk aroud while taking fire and dont think for a second they should shoot back
doesnt release till next years, month 3 or 5 I think.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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