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I had a bunch of shooting bag fill media custom made for a project I was working on and now have quite a bit on hand which is surplus to my needs because I had to order an absolute buttload of it to begin with. Think 55gal drums full as a minimum order. I'll update this thread when I run out but for now I have a bunch on hand it's amazing stuff and it's cheap. I'm selling at just under my cost.

Waterproof and naturally resists mold.
Impervious to Sweet's, Hoppe's, Wipe-Out, MSS Copper/Lead Destroyer, WD-40 and RemOil.
Weighs 1lbs per cubic foot.
Solid lock-in.
Great shape conformity.
Nearly weightless.

$10: 1x Liter shipped USA (including alaska & hawaii)
$35: 4x Liters shipped USA (including alaska & hawaii)

International peeps, just add $25 extra for shipping for 1-15 Liters. Shipping is on my dime and goes first class USPS. If you want I can do a flat rate box so you get it quicker (2-3 days most anywhere in the USA on average) but you pay the real flat rate box cost because it's about 2-3x as much.

Each item in the pic below weighs 395 grams. The Coke Zero can is full. The little pile is 395 grams of the media that comes in MidwayUSA shooting bags. The huge sack in the back is my new custom media. Keep in mind the plastic bag weighs 40 grams so the actual media is even lighter than all that. It just takes a massive pile of it to make 395 grams.

How much do you need? CLICK ME TO GET A VOLUME CALCULATOR SPREADSHEET The cylinder below is just under a liter to fill. The other 2 are about half a liter or just a little north of that to fill properly. I recommend going with 4 liters if you have a whole set like this. 1L is fine for most single toe bags.

The total weight of all 3 bags below with my fill in them is less than half a pound including the shells. This is down from >7lbs with the MidwayUSA fill in them.

I made a big medium size pillow out of the media with 4L of fill in it and cotton/poly blend shell, it came to just about about 1/7th of a pound (1086 grains if you're curious).

If you want some PM me or email ballisticxlr at gmail.
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