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Should I update navigation and layout?

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Update navigation and layout of ??

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Well, one of the things I've always tried to do with is keep the frills down, and the information content up. I have always tried to present as much information as possible and make it fairly easy to find.

But, looking at the main page recently, there is tons of information, but it appears hard to find. i.e., I think people that visit the site don't see where the forums section is, or where the sites FAQ is, etc etc.

So, here is a poll to see if I should take the time and actually develop a new look and feel for the site. I'm confident I can develop a nice clean and simple UI that presents the data to the viewer in a much better and easier to use manner.

feel free to post your vote and comments.
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damn mel, make that logo!!! Im almost tempted to make up one for you just to appease jeff over there,lol. I actually like the layout as it is, but Itd be nice to see something new, mabye something set up with some simple tables and stuff. nothing major.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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