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Updated rules for Sniper Central


1) No personal attacks

We are striving to keep SC a respectful environment. A large part of this is drawing the line between healthy arguement and personal attacks/disrespect. It is okay to attack an arguement or a stance that soemone puts forward. It is not okay to direct disrespect or hostility towards that person.

2) No discussion of illegal activity.

That includes making your own suppressor, terrorist support, methods of slipping around gun laws and imporating/exportation, etc etc.

3) No trolling

Posting of comments or statements that will intentionally provoke a fight, pretending/claiming to be someone you are not, lying about military service, etc.

4) Absoultely no racism or discrimination.

That one is self explanatory

5) No profanity

6) No sexually explicit content or pics.

UPDATES 12-7-2009:

7) No political or religious posts anywhere, except for political posts tied specifically tied to infringement on the 2nd Amendment.

8 ) Ban Policy: Forum users found by forum staff to be in violation of the Sniper Central Code of Conduct will be issued a one-time suspension of length determined by the forum staff, followed by a permanent ban for further infraction. We reserve the right to ban a member outright in worthy situations, as well as the right to send you a verbal warning or reminder if we feel it is warranted. We also remind you that you do not need to directly violate the CoC to be punished, if you make a general habit of being a burden to the forum's overall goal. That goal being as listed above: Is to present this site and ourselves as ambassadors not only of the field of sniping (for those of us thusly employed) but as gun owners as a whole. We also remind you that while rules are objective, their enforcement is subjective. Each user is unique, each situation is unique, the rules will be applied uniquely in order to maintain forum decor.

Our overall goal here, just to clarify, is to present this site and ourselves as ambassadors not only of the field of sniping (for those of us thusly employed) but as gun owners as a whole.

The moderating and administrating staff reserves the right to use their judgement to decide how severe an infraction is, what the result will be, and who or what is deserving of a ban.

This will be a guide for all of us.

This is a privately owned, commercially operated website. As such, you have no freedom of speech nor any other Constitutionally protected rights. We do not charge for the use of this board; any membership upgrades you give are donations and will not result in any preferential treatment.

Your usage of the forums or its features is your acknowledgment of these guidelines.
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