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US Optics choice????

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Im going to be ordering a US optics scope in the next month or so and was looking for a bit of input.

I have just started to get my math down with a 10x scope and wonder if I should get the fixed 10x or a adjustable that goes up to 16x I beleive.

I'm using a remington 308 and this might just cause more trouble then good but I figured some people here might have some good input.
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Personally I like fixed power scopes, just a bit more rugged (though not as much of an issue with high quality scopes like US Optics), but more important, one less thing to worry about in high stress situations. Also, if you are an avid mil-dot user, the variables can cause slight inaccuracies (which already added to human inaccuracies....) This is because the mil-dots are only accurate for ONE power setting, and with a variable power, how do you know if you have the scope EXACTLY on 10x, and not 9.9 or 10.2, etc. If you dont' use mil-dots much, then dont worry about it!

Besides that, its very handy to have the flexibility of variable power scopes.


Thanks Mel

Thats what I was figuring. Its always good to know exactly where your scope is as soon as you pick it up your rifle.

P.S. Your sniper data book has been so helpful to me in that past few months.

Thanks again.
Great! I am very pleased to hear that! I made them useful for me, and then added some additional stuff that others may find useful....

US Optics is a great scope company, along with nightforce & leupold. Some optics companies etch the glass to allow mil dot range-finding at all power settings, like Springfield Armory. Expect a review on the new SA
4-16x50 scope when it arrives.

I bought myself a nightforce 3.5-15x56 scope with the Rangefinding Reticle.. I think that this is the best scope money can buy.. I equipped it on a Savage Model 10(Choate Stock).. Awesome combo.

This combo performs very well... .5 inch groups at 100yds... i also have a Harris BenchRest bipod...


P.S. Has anyone seen anything on the "Third Leg" by MICKEY FOWLER????
the USO line of scopes are built like brick... well you know. They make a version with a horus vision reticle... very nice if you are lazy and dont like having to make elevation for range and windage adjustments. They are heavier than most scope, but you could probally use the scope to destroy your rifle. (if you were crazy enough to do that)
I have a US Optics SN3 (3.8-22x56). Like all scopes, it has good and not so good features. On the downside, its big, fairly heavy, and you have to give up title to your first born to get one. To the upside it will probably outlast my 700-PSS or the custom rifle upon which it will be mounted (that's a long story) and me by several decades. It has what seems like unlimited elevation adjustments and I love the MOA scale reticle. (A poor man's Horus but without the massive amounts of clutter) Plus I have yet to find a scope that anything close to the light transferance of this beast, including my Swarovski, my A-Gunner's Leopold, or Range mate's Nightforce.

Edited because my typing stinks.
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