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US Optics - SN-3 Group buy

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I saw this opportunity being offered on another site and thought that some of you guys might want to know about it so you can jump on it if you are in the market for such a scope. The options and prices are pretty amazing.


Mel - sorry to advertise another site, but these are amazing prices. Some of my price info I keep to myself because of limited supplies, other stuff I share. :wink:
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No problem jeffvn, its a good buy, hopefully some folks here can benefit from it

The SN-3 is a GREAT scope!! :D

Any update on the SN-4 SH group buy, Jeff?

I can't wait to put a SN-4 or SN-12 on my Bushmaster.....
Well Jeff, they sure are awesome prices on awesome scopes.

I decided last Tues that I wouldn't post it, even though I really wanted to. Just me thought and I want Mels site to grow. Not becuase I didn't want to share it, but just didn't feel right. Sorry guys.

Since Mel is cool with it, then in the future I will definately do so, in the best interests of my fellow SC members. :D
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