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Used Remington 700 or SC1

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When I sell my drag car I am going to buy a nice rifle. Always liked the 700. The ranges around me only go to 300m and the range I belong to goes to 200m. I dont know if I should get a .308 or just a .223. Ive shot both lots as I was in the reserves. I remember the .223 drifted lots in the wind with the C7 especially beyond 100m. I would love to buy a used 700 to build up. Never built a rifle before so im just guessing that say i buy a gun with a smaller round than .308. I only want the action so does the smith just rechamber? Do all 700 actions have same meat around the chamber? Are some stronger than others?

And Mel

Have you ever exported a SC1 rifle? Do they come with any serial numbers as I will have to register the rifle?
I am just a throw away from u in Canada.

Thanks in advance
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any 700 chambered for oh.... 243, 270, 260, 6.5x55, um... what else takes that action?

will do just fine.... they can all be rechambered for the 308.
All remington 700 actions are the same. The floor plates, trigger guards and mag boxes are different between ADL & BDL.

For a .308, any action chambered in .22-250, .243, .260, 6mm Rem, .308, 300 Savage, and a few others, will work. The 6.5x55 is a long action, you will not want that.

The gunsmith will put a new barrel on it, and chamber that barrel for the caliber of choice.

I have not exported, but I have been doing some research into the processes that it would require. It does not seem too bad, but it does take time. You do need to do some research on your end to see what the Canadian gov't requires.

what remington long action is the a good one to find used to build a 6.5x55 on?
Geoff, I'm gonna find out soon enough what it takes to import a rifle...If you would like I could PM it to you, or just give you my contact from the Govt. and you can call him.
I can tell you that you are looking at spending a minimum of $650.00 + to have your "new" used rifle rebarreled to your caliber of choice, true the action and bolt face, and lap the lugs.

Personally, I think if you can get one of Mel's SC rifles imported to Canada within a reasonable amount of time and effort - that is the direction that you should pursue. Mel WILL help you make a decision on the caliber that you end up with, and you'll get a rifle that already has the major accuracy work done (bedding, trued bolt and action, basic trigger work so as to eliminate the 7 lb trigger pull common on most out of the box Remingtons - - I think I'm right about the trigger work right Mel?) - and done well enough to carry a 1/2 MOA guarantee.

thanks guys. I'll only build my own if it is a real headache to import an SC1. The gunsmith I use is Dlask arms not sure if you guys have heard of them but they are well known around north america.

Muzzleblast let me know how it works out.

Im hoping my car will sell in early spring but could be longer....

Okay, that Canadian link provided some good information. I know we can export the rifle, so it would just involve doing it the first time. I've talked to a few people who have done it and while it can take time, it seems pretty straight forward. I'm not sure what is considered a "Restricted" vs "non Restricted" firearm. It does look like you will have to get an IIC from canada before the State Department here will let me export it. But if you are interested, let me know.

If you want to build a 6.5x55 on a remington action, start with a .30-06 (or .270, or .25-06). This gives you the long action and the .473 case head diameter.


Its an 89 mustang HB. Stroker 351w to 393. 600hp naturally asperated. Weld wheels, aluminium drive shaft, 6pt cage, all the goodies. Its been parked for a couple of years but just gonna put a fresh motor and sell it. It ran 10.91 @ 127mph on pump gas. Drive it to the strip and drive it home (about 1hr 20min each way) ahhhh k i gotta stop a tear is coming to my eye.

damn, if i knew you we're in the market.... im in the process of selling my 79 notchback with a 347 stroker and a set of AFR 185s. Maximum motorsports suspension package and a hughes tranny. With a 200 shot TNT kit it ran in the 10.20-10.30 range....

Got the motor and suspension packages sold... now if i could only sell this 30 year old chassis!!!
i took some compression out of it when i put it back together so i can hook up the super power shot system. I just gonna run a good number and try to sell it. Lots of fun and Lots of money. Cant wait to sell it to buy a nice rifle.

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