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Sorry... really doesnt have to do with sniping... but i thought i would post it anyway. There is a rock station in San Diego (Rock 105.3) and every once in a while they will get an old promotions van and drop it from 1,200 feet in the air onto a grid and have some sort of game where some one wins somthing. Anyway... check out the pics here ... gecontent= .

There is also a video... but i cant seem to find it on the website. I called the station and got put on hold for 30 minutes... so i cursed at the phone and hung up. :evil:

Also... i know there are a few guys who read / post on these forums who are deployed... if you want to listen to music over the net Rock 105.3 has hooked up the troops... just click on this link and go down to the bottom of the page and click on "listen to Rock 105.3"

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