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Violence Policy Center

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Hey Mele,

I was reading the following link. And noticed your site was mentioned. Has there monitoring of your site changed the way you have developed it.

Also what are your comments on the following crap?

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All I can say is WoW.

People have always been worried about sniper rifles being sold to the public but that was pretty extreme.

99% of people who would want to kill someone are going to pick up a saturday night special handgun. Walk up to someone and pull the trigger.

They are not going to read books, spend thousands of dollors on gear....and spend countless hours at the range working of thier math skills.

The truth is most people who attemp sniper kills on the public (DC as an example) are making shots within 100 yards.

I think it just terrifies people that there are people in the world who can shoot them from so far away it will be a few seconds before they even hear the shot.

My 2 cents.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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