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Vortex Scope...Set to Factory Zero?

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I have a Ruger precision rifle in 6.5 Creedmor. I recently sent it into Ruger to have some repairs done, and of course removed my scope before shipping. The rifle was precviously zeroed when I first got my Vortex Diamondback Tactical Scope which is 4x16x44. I will be re-zeroing and boresighting it when I put the scope back on. I was wondering...should I set the scope back to factory zero, or can I just adjust and zero from its current zero that I established when I first mounted my scope and zeroed 2 years ago? Thanks!
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Hahaha.... that's funny! Sit in your armchair and comment as you see fit. Let's hear about you "art". I've been dedicated to Isshinryu for about 45 years, and my waist is a 38". It's awesome how people like you start running their mouth from the safety of your VPN hidden out of the way in your mother's basement
If you needed to be one of "seasoned veterans, current military, law enforcement, SWAT, and tactical contractors/consultants.' then they wouldn't let everyone join. Most do not feel the way you responded that we do so please don't speak for the masses as no one asked you to. Forums are where people seek out help. You sound like you think you know everything so I don't quite see why you are on a forum in the first place. To strictly make fun of people? If the thread bothers you then don't read it and don't reply with a non-helpful comment. We were all new to this once.
Sounds like you missed the point.
My awesome set of "pajamas" as you're calling them cost a lot of hard work. To be specific, about 45 years of hard work and dedication to the martial art that I study, Isshinryu to be specific. And, I am also a 100% service connected disabled veteran, do you want to criticize that also? 20 years of dedication to that also?
I appreciate your service and respect you for your hard work but that doesn't make it all right to be a dick head this man ask because he didn't know the answer not to be criticized for not having the experience I guess you were born knowing everything
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Sounds like you missed the point.
That's wRong Fracking Answer to those in Rio Linda.
He sent it and he nailed it.
Odds are I've done Target Reductions on nicer trans humans.

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8541 OId School
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EDIT: I bet Xnobody is your lost twin. He's got enough arrogance to make Hitlery look like a Quaker.
You two can have sword fights in the shower while giggling about men humbly asking for help in a public forum.
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