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VX-III vs. Vari-X III

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Can anyone tell me the difference between the VX-III and the Vari-X III? A local store is selling a Vari-X III 3.5-10X 40mm Tactical for $390.00. He told me it's a discontinued model and the price is supposed to be a good deal. What do u guys think? Btw, same scope with mil-dot is $460.00.

Thanks in advance for any opinions.
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umm i think VX is short for Vari-X if there is a difference i dont know what it is
yes, mildots cost more, you gotta ask yourself will you be shooting at unknown distances where you would actually need them and put them to good use or are they wasting your money? you gotta make that decision i cant help you with that as i have no clue what kind of shooting you will be doing
The VX-III replaced the Vari-X III line in 2004. They changed a few things like coatings and index matched lenses, etc. Both scopes are excellent, and that price sounds pretty good. The replacement model is the Mk4 PR 3.5-10x40mm which sells for about $525 w/o mildots and $619 with mildots.

If you are not totally confused yet, they no longer make a VX-III tactical, they confused us more and made all their tactical scopes carry the Mark 4 name tag.

Not a bad price. The only difference between those and the new scopes with the MK4 tag is that they will have index matched lens coatings. Still good scope though, even if it is multicoat.
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