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Been looking for a extended tube shotgun to replace my well broken in 500A....Must have close to 5000 rounds through it and rattles like a rock in a tin can. Hey but it is still working just fine.

I check the big local store and not only don't they have a 9 shot with Ghost Rings but they check and there are none available. Okay so the guy gives me a deal on an 870 Tactical but I need to run down some sights.

Check the next big store down the who claims they have then in stock....Nada, all they have is the with the speed feed stock.

So I ask about the Keltec KSG and they have seen two in 2 years but Keltec is stepping up production...25 a week. So what the heck I order one and might see it in 2 years.

Review below.

Heading out of town and back to my little hidie hole in the country I stop at the smallest gun store I know.....Limited stock, have never received anything I have ordered, last time I was there they had no ammo, powder, primers but everyone is friendly.

Asked then about the KSG and he says he doubts they will ever see one. Ask about the 590 and again a big no, but they have Tri Star they want to show me.

Low and behold, there in the rack, buried is the mother lode, the holy grail of military shotguns....a 9 round, parkerized, 20 inch M590A1 complete with dual extractors, Ghost Ring Sights, and Bayonet lug.

So now I have the Remington 870 Tactical, Mossberg M590A1 and a Keltec KSG ordered I will most likely never see.

I will say the M590A1 is a solid shotgun with the heavy barrel, steel receiver and the added weight of the 20 inch tube and magazine.

I was told the dual extractor issue was what cost Remington the shotty contract and the Military was switching over to the M590A1. I guess with the sandy conditions the shells are getting stuck in the chamber and the 870 single extractor isn't working.

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