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What do you think of this???

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18 days ago, i purchaced a firearm, the state had to be notified 14 days in advance, but were off that weekend so they had to be notified on tuesday to start a 14 day wait which is Connecticut's state law
so it had to be 18 days... i call in today to check to make sure the firearm was ready for pickup
guess what its NOT, the state has no record of it
so now i need to do a 14 day wait all over again, 32 days to wait for a fucking firearm?
they dont have re-funds and i have to pick it up within 15 days of it being legal
if the state skrews up again i will be fucked because ill be in Benning (National Guard so I serve this state...) for training and not sure if i will be able to get the weapon back afterwords
i had plans of atleast breaking it in befroe i go to basic but now thats not even possible
im seriously pissed off anyone have any advice to what i should do?
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Well, i'm not really sure there is much you can do. I know that in some cases, if nothing is heard back after the wait period, then its considered the same as a "yes". But I have no clue if thats the case here.

madgunsmith said:
I am a criminal defence lawyer. And all of my clients are innocent. All the other lawyers have guilty clients.....
heheheh... yep, everyone is innocent in jail, just ask them :wink:

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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