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What do you think of this???

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18 days ago, i purchaced a firearm, the state had to be notified 14 days in advance, but were off that weekend so they had to be notified on tuesday to start a 14 day wait which is Connecticut's state law
so it had to be 18 days... i call in today to check to make sure the firearm was ready for pickup
guess what its NOT, the state has no record of it
so now i need to do a 14 day wait all over again, 32 days to wait for a fucking firearm?
they dont have re-funds and i have to pick it up within 15 days of it being legal
if the state skrews up again i will be fucked because ill be in Benning (National Guard so I serve this state...) for training and not sure if i will be able to get the weapon back afterwords
i had plans of atleast breaking it in befroe i go to basic but now thats not even possible
im seriously pissed off anyone have any advice to what i should do?
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I am a troublemaker.

So, I would bring an application in court. I would seek a perogative remedy and I would seek a Writ of Mandamus. This is a court order wherein some official is ordered to do his job.

Now it would not be cheap and it would not win you any friends. But you would get the full attention of the People's Social Republic of Konnecticut and they probably would knuckle under before having to go to court.

Personally, I think that the NRA, should actually bring a few such applications. It would put the fear of God into the hearts of the bureaucrats.

Just in passing, in case any of you guys wonder, some of the other perogative remedies are habeas corpus, prohibition and certiorari. And when you bring applications for these, you get the state's full attention. There's also another one called "quo warranto" ( by what warrant). These are lots of fun to bring.

But that is why I am

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Look at the possible bright side to all of this:

If you had a nice new rifle you might find yourself distracted. You need to concentrate on the task at hand when you are at Fort Benning. You need to focus on only one rifle. And you have to be totally zeroed in on the mission.

I am easily distracted, so I never get a new rifle when I have a mission to worry about.

(In case you wonder, I am a lawyer and my missions involve fighting in courtroooms. And I never get a new rifle when I have an important trial ahead of me.)

I am a criminal defence lawyer. And all of my clients are innocent. All the other lawyers have guilty clients.....

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