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What gun to get

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my mum and dad are moving to france soon to by a house with lots of feilds.

is there a certain amount of distance you need to shoot a rifle legaly?

What gun would be good for a me im only used to shooting air rifles?

i'd like somthing that wil shoot very fare and is very accurate specialy at long distance with low reciol

im going to be using it for hunting and long distance target shooting.

ill definatly be wanting a silencer with it

sorry about the spell cant be bother to check through)
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Long range, very accurate, low recoil; Now you've opened a whole can of worms. :lol:
But your request to limit recoil has,automatically, slammed the door on the magnum crowd.

I suspect you are going to be limited to no more than 4 or 5 chamberings. .260 /6.5x08, 6.5x55 (a nod to my scandanavian and european bretheren), 6.5 Grendel (a nod to the cutting edge Highpower crowd), 7-08, and the 7.62 or .308 caliber. There are obviously more, but these seem to cover the field from my perspective anyway, for inherent accuracy and low recoil for the chambering (especailly if you are migrating from an air rifle).

As to how much dirt you need is a harder, there are volumes of regulations printed by the federal governement and separate state governments on the topic. Suffice it to say, you'll need more dirt in any direction than you can possibly shoot from any rifle that you can think of, or in combination, need to create and maintain compacked earthen berms and barriers to catch your bullets and prevent you from shooting into your neighbor's land (they get a bit cranky when that happens)
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Seeing as you are probably going to be moving with your parents due to being underaged (You're probably from Quebec too, guessing upon the fact that A) They are moving to france, so they speak French obviously and B) Your english is bad, but it exsists, plus you have internet access, and can afford a gun, so that rules out the ex-French colonies, leaving only Quebec and France, pretty well), I would suggest you check out the French firearm laws beforehand.

For what you specified, you probably want one of the rounds Jeffvn mentioned, although the more common arms and ammo tend to be for the 6.5x55 and the 7.62x51 (.308), and seeing as they are more common, they'll probably end up cheaper. Keep in mind though, the .308 can be effectively used in some rifles out to 1000 yards, so that is one large piece of field you'll want to make sure you have. And, of course, try not to shoot downhill. Misalign your sights too low and you'll have bullets flying into the valley below. Not very much fun for the people below.

A Silencer is... iffy. A Silencer isn't legal in Canada, and approaches Illegal in the US, and i'm laying odds that it won't be legal in France. But there aren't too many bolt action rifles that are threaded for silencers, and pretty well none of those are civilian issue. You'd probably have to get a custom barrel made, and have it threaded.
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what about the 6.5*284 Norma?
recoil of a .30-06 and 1000m ballistics better than the .300 WM
not sure what guns are chambered for it or what the cost is for the ammo
also hear its a barrel burner
still unless you are going well byond 800+m then a .308 will be just fine and even a .30-06 i would consider a .30-06 to be a moderate kick... definitely not punishing
yes the magnums would probably do better at longer ranges but you said low recoil
im from england and i wont be moving with my parents.

im 19 if im unable to get a rifle ill just me dad to buy it ill be 21 next year anyway.

the amount of land he'll proabably own might be around 4Hecters (spell)

so what your saying you it doesnt really matter how much space you have to shoot aslong and it has a hill/mud mound or somthing simuler sheilding bullets that potentialy could pass over your land.

is there places to go were you can go rifle shooting i mean like competition or clubs im looking for a place like that in england
Course there is, when you apply for a firearms license in the UK you have to state where your going to fire the weapons on the license. For a high powered rifle like the ones being spoken of here, you can fire them at clubs.

But the laws on storage are pretty immense, you should check your local county police website for all the information. I have considered it, but if your really into it you should do some research. I've been a member of the ATC (RAF cadet division) for six years, and am thinking of joining the TA for some weekend adventure, cash and training while i'm at University, obviously that would give you a lot more places to shoot. The TA centre in Cambridge has ranges up to 7.62mm, i'm guessing they have more since a TA SAS unit is based there.

Also what previous weapon experience have you had? Going from an air-rifle from to a long distance high power rifle with no prior experience is lunacy. Also chances are you won't get license without a valid reason.
caliber gun choice

well for me i am a man of the 30-06 and remington. id say that most 06's dont kick much but some of them do everonce and awhile kick like a mule. its a great cal because of soo many bullet choice. And if you can get one look into a Remington 700 i have a synthetic ADL most accurate and favorite rifle ive shot.
Low recoil, flat shooting and capable of dropping most European game animals? I'd take a close look at the 25-06. It certainly fills the bill. It is also inherently accurate and fairly easy to find ammo for. The .308 (7.62x51) would be another good choice. Ammunition should be easier to find too because of it's status with NATO. I don't know about the silencer. You'll have to look at local laws, but I will venture to guess that it will not be easy for you to legally obtain one in either England or France.

Why a silencer? If you're going hunting theres really no need, but i would still say 30-06 they have plenty of stopping power on deer I know that got my first deer with a 06. Bambi is still hanging on my wall next to my gun. Unless you're a weakling (I doubt it) a 30-06 should do fine. My little brother tried and he dropped it what a dumass

Hmm.... there is not much chance of hunting deer in the UK... same goes for boars.
Hi Bob, I think the best option for you is the .308 winchester (7.62x51 nato) It is a very common caliber which generaly fits your stated criteria, and as has already been said, was the NATO standard. There may be a problem with 7.62, because France does or did not allow private ownership of weapons in military calibers but whether it applies to the 7.62x51 nato round since they adopted the 5.56x45, I'm not sure.
As to a silencer, well it's realy only efective when firing sub-sonic loads unless you go to the trouble of a silencer which fully sleaves the barrel. Doing this would largely negate your desires for long range and accuracy.
A good starting rifle for you would be the Remington 700P. Combine this with a good gun club and reloading and you should have years of fun.
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