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What rifle would you take hunting?

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If you had a choice of ANY rifle to use for deer what would you use?
cost isnt an issue

I'd go with a USMC M40A1.
Best multipurpose stock, one of the best scopes, great accuracy, unmatched ruggedness, argueably one of the best sniper rifles of all time
14.5 lbs in weight, not sure if thats with or without the scope but thats not a problem for me
fine it might be expensive but cost isnt an issue :)
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I'd take Tango 51 because its light and accurate. Then go ahead and put a U.S. Optics scope. Put it in .308.
definetly my Weatherby in 7mm Rem Mag... coincidently, tommorrow is junior doe season..i sighted it in tonight and it shot .74 MOA with factory shells!lol if ya dont believe me i will post the target
its great this is my last year as a junior so i can hunt alont but can also take advantage of all the junior hunts..!!i love dad told me head shots only
I admit, I would like to try that!

I kinda like those M-1A scout rifles too though.

Think I'll cut down on my hunting posts a little now, lest people think I'm trying to turn this place into Hunter Central lol
cody, i believe you

SOCOM16 for brush hunting? :)


Ok, seriously, I'd probably agree with Jeff. That or a Tac-Ops X-Ray 66 :p
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Cody, I believe ya too. Gotta love belted mags.

lol Jeff, I would get a kick outta that, I gotta admit
i knew someone would bring one of those big guns w/ rediculas firepower :)
not what i meant but tac ops looks nice
only thing would be the A5 stock id like more for prone, not sure about standing... i have not used one yet though
Westpointranger, too lazy to gut your deer after the kill? lol just kidding
How low can it's scope be adjusted to, Jeff?
The scope that would come standard on a tac ops
i dont think that a scope is standard on it
is there one???
ive seen em w/ leupolds... thats a popular setup anyway
even though yous guys said you believed me i still wanted to post it.. i was happily surprised when factory remington corelokts shot like this out of a $476 hunting rifle... they almost shot as well as handloaded mathckings in this thing..
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This site is the best. I just joined today, there is some really cool stuff to read. I just shot a coyote at 458 yards ranged with my bushnell 6-24 mildot scope on saturday. I was using my savage 112vss with the choate stock. The snow is falling in Canada now and the coyote season looks promising.
One of the finest deer rifles ever made was the Mannlicher Schoenauer in 6.5x54mm.

( Take a look at ... enauer.htm)

The rifle was a light handy carbine and it featured a wonderful rotary magazine. The rounds fed into the chamber as smoothly as greased eels.

And believe it or not that wonderful rifle was used at Bisley, England in the early 1900s to shoot half minute of angle groups.

If I had to use a modern rifle, the choice would be simple. The best deer rifle made in the world today is the Winchester Classic Featherweight in 6.5x55mm. That rifle is the best kept secret in America today. It is lightweight, splendidly balanced and it shoots half minute groups. And it has the Mauser controlled feed claw extractor.

Another dream deer rifle would be an original Oberndorf Mauser sporter from the 1930s. Make mine a 7x57mm please.

And any pre-64 Winchester in a classic caliber ( eg. .270 Winchester, .250-3000, 7x57mm, 6.5x55mm) would also warm the cockles of my cold, black heart.

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I had been keen on a Sako Finlight in .308 but recent posts here on SC have put me right off to say the least!!!

........Thanks for the heads-up Mulga!

I hunt deer with an "as issued" 1942 Husqvarna M38 carbine .... 6.5 x 55
I feed it with Winchester 139 grn soft nose.
Probally a custom built Springfield on Mauser action (maybe ...) in either 7mm Rem Mag or 300 Win Mag.
Almost bought a yugo M48 mauser to customize this year, sholiz... but decided against it. I love mauser actions and all, and wanted to try a "do it yourself" type project, but I figured in the end I might not have the time for it.

I'm ordering a Marlin 45/70 this week though. Not a sniper rifle, unless you're Billy Dixon lol. But I had a shift in thinking lately. Before, it was "If it has a sky high BC, comes coated in something black, has premium on the box and costs an arm and a leg, the bullet is great"...That was true though.

Now I figure "If it has been killing buffalo sized game for 130 years, the bullet is great" lol. Hunting wise, I can't see much better for myself than that set-up, with the shooting typical to my region
i just hunted with my buddy today that has marlin 45/70...its his second, idk why he loves em so much, but thats because i love my magnums, so its opinion only i guess
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