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What rifle?

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Im looking for a target rilfe in .223 or .308. I was lokking at spending around 700 800 on just the rifle. I was looking at the Remington Model 700P. What would you guys suggest. And what would be a good sight for around 200 300. Thanks
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What kind of target shooting? 300m? Benchrest, details please! :D
I just want to go to the range and shoot. 100 yards 200 yards so on and so on. Sit on the bench and shoot.
The questions you are asking are so open ended you are probably going to get a huge number of differing opinions. For 700-800 you can get a Rem 700, M70 (only get the stealth II), or a Savage. All of those rifles are decent out of the box and a good foundation to build on.
As far as glass goes you get what you pay for. For 200-300 you are going to get crappy glass with the exception of the Tasco Super Sniper. This scope performs well beyond it's price and is a great investment. You will see that scope on very expensive rifles.
Go with a one piece base and some decent rings and practice, practice, practice. And then when you are done, practice some more.
Great place to start.
The 700P is an excellent rifle. You might also want to look at the 700 Sendero or the 700 Varmint if you want a few more options on chamberings. You can get custom guns that are more accurate, but any of the above rifles will usually outshoot most shooters right out of the box. With minimal work, they are capable of keeping up with about anything out there.

Remington 700P is great i have one in .308 id consider it by far the best rifle in its price range
Try to snag either the stealth or 700p, whichever you can get cheaper. They are both excellent guns (read mel's reviews).

You could probably find a slightly used leupold scope for the price you are suggesting.

But to get extreme accuracy you will need to replace the barrel and get some gunsmithing done.
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