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what to look for

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i have just recently been geting into the sharp shooting scene. and i was wondering what i should be looking for in a scope. in specific what makes a good scope a good scope.
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With scopes, it can be a bit tricky because there are not any easy and clear cut measurements of quality. The biggest thing you will be paying for is quality of the lenses and their coatings. Because MOST scopes are built from just a few manufacturers, (and in turn rebranded) the level of optical quality is a direct relation to the price of the scope. i.e. you generally get what you pay for. Buy the best you can afford. One think you can look for is light transmission, but that measurement is not cut and dry either. Also, better optical lenses and coatings more then makes up for bigger objective lenses. a 50mm Objective will not make up for poor lenses and is used as a selling gimic. Just pay for good glass, and you'll be happier.

Hope I didn't talk in a circle....

Yes, leupold makes great glass, and more importantly they stand behind their product. But there are other great companies out there.

If you can afford it, Zeiss, Kahles, Hendsolt, and some other european companies are EXCELLENT.

Nikon and Burris make very very good mid range product

B&L (Bushnell) 3200 series is a very good low-mid range brand. I've also heard sightron makes good stuff in the same range, and I am working to get one to evaluate and find out for my self.

There are some other wildcards out there also that at least warrant a look, Nightforce, ATN, US Optics, etc. But, if you do want something that you know what your getting, it is hard to beat leupold.

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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