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what to look for

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i have just recently been geting into the sharp shooting scene. and i was wondering what i should be looking for in a scope. in specific what makes a good scope a good scope.
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The mid-range scopes from Zeiss are of very good quality too, and the quality of the optics is _very_ good(There's a reason why they've had a reputation for high-quality optics in scopes, binoculars, oculars for microscopes, telescopes, camera lenses etc for over 60 years)

Hensoldt scopes are of superb quality, though you've got to pay for it. Nowadays Zeiss owns Hensoldt, but it's retained as a separate brand, with their own optics specialists and designers.

Unfortunately, I have no experience with Kahles scopes.

If you can afford it, Schmidt und Bender scopes are also of very high quality.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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