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whats basic training like?

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for the army and the marines and also what would smeone have to do to qualify for sniper school?
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qualify expert, probably have to be the most motivated person in your unit, get a good physical fitness score, impress your commanding officer
qualify as expert, i could do...physical fitness well i put myself into a pretty good program i dmae up myself which includes running about 45 miles a week which isnt abd for a junior in HS and i more then most of the other xc runners i i look like more like a small football player then runner, and impressin a commanding officer and motivsation i may hafta work on as would qualifinyg as expert take alil work buti could do those things but i would like to know what basic training is like in both of those branches from someone who has gone through them
Basic training for the Infantry is completely different from any other MOS in the Army. It's actually hard and demanding, just like the Marine Infantry.

So, what is the Infantry like? Well, when you arrive at reception bat. and Ft. Benning, you will get yelled at to get off the bus. You will go single file into the main office and get your little white book, and a canteen. Sit around listen to some broke dick private.

Once the great fun thier is done (3-4 days), the real fun begins. A pretty easy 1 mile march to your barracks (or farther depending where in sandhill it is).

Once there, you all get lined up 4 rows deep and they call out names for platoons. You then run from your spot and grab your duffle in a huge pile and run to your platoon.

Then you meet your Drill Sergeants. You might get dropped for the first time, have to lift and hold your duffle. Just dont grunt and moan like a woman.

After that, you pretty much go to around 10, wake up for morning PT (time varies by platoon), we woke up at 4am each morning. PT, change, eat chow, go train, pt, eat chow, pt, train, pt, eat chow, pt, shower (if your lucky), sleep, pray you dont get fireguard.

First 2 weeks is generally "Total Control", a Drill Sgt. goes EVERYHWERE with you, after that, its a platoon leader, usually elected.

You do marches, the last one is the best, I'll leave that as a surprise.

When basic is over, you get to goto... oh wait, you dont go nowhere. You get to do even more PT, but you get to do all the cool hooah **** in AIT. PT, PT, PT, Train, PT PT PT, Eat chow. Repeat.

Airborne is like AIT except you get weekends off, and PT harder.

Ranger School, once pasted RIP is hellacious PT with serious mind (for the lack of a better word) f*cking.

Just expect the worse, and suck it up.

Want any more info, PM me.
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HEheh... yep, sub has it right.

Look back at it, basic really isn't that bad as long as you do exactly as your told, stay motivated, and expect to get dropped, all is well! Most Drill Sgt's like motivated recruits.

Exact requirements for sniper school.
E-3 Promotable (generaly E-4 and above).
MOS 11B, 11M, 18 Series (No exceptions)
Qualify Expert with M16
Score 70 or better in each of the three PT events (They test you the first day as part of in processing)
Score at least a 110 on the GT portion of the asvaab
Vision correctible to 20/20
Not colorblind
Duty slotted in a sniper position
Pass psyche evaluation (this one isn't stricktly enforced all the time)

I believe thats about it.

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American army basic sounds awfully single minded towards PT.... I assume you do get round to doing more important things like first aid, NBC, map reading, field craft etc?
Yeah, its not really organized PT all the time, its just that everything you do tends to involve PT of some sort. Generally you do your organzied PT in the morning for about 2 hours, and then you do your training the rest of the day. But, PT is involved in the that training. i.e. If the rifle range is 8 miles away... you road march, not ride. Of course, PT is used to discipline soldiers also. Move while at the position of attention will be a sure way to find yourself in the front leaning rest position, etc etc.

Of course you learn the standard military basics... it wouldn't be basic training if you didn't. Marksmanship, Marching, Protocol, NBC, all the weapons systems, laws of land warfare, etc etc etc etc.

Army Infantry Basic, as I said before, not the same as the other Basic MOS'es out there.

The first week is classroom, PT in class room = fun. Dont fall asleep! There you learn all the first aid you will learn, you learn Chain of command, all that good bull.

Second week is something else, I forget, perhaps it was land nav. I forgot if we were still on TC or not. Land Nav in georgia winter + rain + 5 hours = suck. Dont kill any of the birds, they are endangered.

Then its BRM, I Dont think they are allowed to smoke you as much during this time, but afterwards, hah! March here, march there, learn grenade throwing, 3-5 second rush, ftx. etc. But inbetween doing all of this, you do PT, you get dropped, your platoon has one dumbass, and he is constantly getting everyone dropped.

Be that of a ghost in Basic, just another face the Drill Sgt. cant recognize amongst the 100 in the company. And push yourself to be the best. It will suck, you will want to go home, call home, write home, but you cant call home, you wont have time to write, and if you go home, well, thats not a good thing ;)

Suck it up, drive on. Basic will be over before you know it. The real training starts at your unit, and specialty schools.
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well i am 16 an a career in teh military isan option i am exploring right now..can u guys tell me what life is like in the military? and how hard is basic training really? i am in prety good physical condition
Find and read the book MAGOT published sometime in the late 70s, I forget who wrote it. Its about Viet Nam, but has a graphic and fairly accurate description of Marine boot Camp that last approximately 200-250 pages (the one exception is that now the DI's are ont permitted to physically beat their baby Jars). When I was in the USMC, this was the one book that I directed people to who asked the same question you are asking.

Let me say this. Pretty good physical condition is not good enough.

If you are in good to great condition the only thing you have to worry about is keeping your mouth shut and doing what you are told as fast as you possibly can (it will not be good enough, but it keeps you out of most of the hot water that people walk into).

Good to great at least to the USMC is 15-20 pull ups from a hanging start and no jerking; 80-100 situps in 2 minutes feet anchored butt never leaves the ground - run 3 miles in 18 to 20 minutes - in tennis shoes. The closer you are to 20+, 100+, and 18 minutes the better.

If you can do that, then you will never worry about the physical conditioning - which will put you ahead of 90% of the people in your platoon.

(I joined right after I graduated high school and had wrestled and played baseball my senior year - I was in Great condition)
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"run 3 miles in 18 to 20 minutes"

The principle I work off, is that you should be able to run a mile in 7 minutes, ergo 3 miles in 21 minutes in training shoes.

In boots a mile should be done in 10 minuts, 3 miles in 30 minutes etc.

I'm Logistics mind, not infantry.
I'm just talking boot camp.

No timed runs in boots in basic training (at least from what I saw and have heard lately). Advanced infantry school and training in the regular infantry unit is different and significantly more difficult.

The physical fitness test never changes: pull ups, sit ups and 3 mile run (in tennis shoes) - if you want to run it in boots go for it.

If you want the Drill instructor to stay off your ass - be able to do at least 15 pull ups, at least 80 sit ups in 2 minutes, and run the 3 miles in no more than 20 minutes when you show up for boot camp.
well i can run a 5k(3.1) miles in 17 minuts and 40 seconds in trails and fields(i run cross country) and u are supposed to add on 30 seconds for each tenth of a mile so that brings it down to 17 minutes 10 seconds for 3 miles, and if the army is run on roads then that brings it down around 20-30 atleast so i would say i am good on that aspect, and i last time i took gym class i did 21 pullups till i was done and 60 situps in 1 minute, the only thing i cant do well physically is stretch relaly far....i never did well in those physical fitness tests
seems liek you will be in good enoguh shape for it
stay in good shape and you will be better off than most
Stay sharp, work hard, and have fun. It will be fun.

When you mention pull-ups, do you mean under or over-grasp?

I struggle to do 3 overgrasp. :D A weakness of mine...
grabbin a bar and pullin urself up...over and over

Yes, but under or over-grasp?

Under-grasp is far easier.
they get easier if ya consistantly do them
if your trying to build up back strength this is a good way
try to do 5 since you are struggling with 3, if you dont get it, try again next set, try harder just watch your form, jerking or any other form of cheating doesnt get you stronger just gets ya injured ;)
It's kind of like doing hundred+ plusups at once. When you can no longer do them with your full body weight, go to your knees, your still doing work, but not at the same wieght.

Although it's a little harder for pullups, someone can stand behind you and give you just a little assistence when you can no longer do it from a dead hang.
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