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When is enough enough?

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I wanted to hop on the bandwagon and post a pic.

Three Rem. 700s (.22-250, .308, .308) and a .223 RRA Varmiter.

Comments/Questions welcome. :)

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Nice group!

As between the .308s, how does the AR compare with the bolt action in accuracy at distances over 600 yards?
nice guns
im working twards that kind of an arsonal :)

have 2 AR-15s (Varminter and lightweight M4 rigs by Bushmaster) and getting a Remington 700P in .308 in a few weeks

how do yours shoot?
Jeffvn: The town that I live in has one rifle range that only goes out to 200 yards. I've never shot beyond that distance, but I can tell you that the Varminter groups at worst the same as the bolt guns. It's barrel twist rate is a godsend for long range shooting as far as AR's are concerned. I'd like to travel out to a range where I can experience some long distance shooting, but honestly I don't think I'm ready for it quite yet.

Jeff_850: The Rock River Arms Varminter is unlike anything I've seen. It's 1:8 twist barrel easily handles the heavy stuff (77 gr. HPBT at this point) and with the .920 diameter barrel (1.05 before gas block) it shoots consistently pro all day. For a production gun using factory match parts, it's a .25 MOA shooter with handloads. Everyday.

The two Rem. 700 .308's are pretty close. The one pictured on the right has a little more of a leg up I think. It's a Mil Spec. rifle. The difference is in the barrel contour and rifling. With both, handloads are .5 MOA average if I do my part. However, the Mil Spec. seems to perform a little "above average" more often.

The .22-250 is my answer to Arizona's good prairie dog population. I've never been varminting before, and I'm heading into Northern Arizona as soon as next week to try it out. This caliber is the most difficult of the three to load for, with an average .75 MOA. The 52 gr. HPBT is easily pushed around by wind, but it shouldn't be a problem for varminting.

You'll be happy with your 700P, and if you handload even happier. Enjoy.
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yea our AR-15s are extremely accurate and many others are getting these results :)
my Bushmaster Varminter gets 1/4 moa all day w/ factory ammo
and my M4 Carbine (not match rifle just heavy barrel) gets 3/4 moa w/ factory ammo all day with factory ammo
just 1:9 twist in mine so i cant handle the 77 gr BTHP but 69 gr BTHP does good... suprisingly the load that does just as good is Federal XM193 55gr FMJ-BT (MC-BT) if ya havnt tried it give it a try, shoots just as well as the 69 gr BTHPs do in my rifles sells it $3.79/pack

I feel the Sierra 69 Gr. HPBT is an awesome bullet. I've used it pretty much for the entire rifle's life and am just now converting to the 77 Gr. HPBT. As for buying the the 55 Gr. Federal, I'm a little apprehensive about trying it out because I've heard stories of fragmentation with a 1:8 barrel. Just playing it safe, but that's a great price.
am aware that 1:7 twist will have problems w/ 40 gr bullets but wanst aware of 1:8 twist having any problems with 55 gr bullets, anyone herd anything on that?
so how does the heavier 77 gr BTHP compare to the 69 gr BTHP?
how would you compare accuarcy at close range between teh two? how about long range? sells Federal GM Match ammo for 77 and 69 gr BTHP
and even 80 gr BTHP but i hear its too long to fit in the standard AR-15 magazine however its a true 500-1000y round or so i hear :)
Actually yesterday was the first day I used the 77 Gr. HPBT, so I don't think I can make a full comparison yet. Short range (100yd/200yd) looks to be the same right now, and that's probably going to remain the same. I handload them and Sierra only sells the 77 Gr. HPBT in quantities of 500, so I'll be using them for some time yet.

I might load a few 52 Gr. HPBTs (my .22-250 bullet) into the .223 case and test the 1:8 twist rate for any signifigant accuracy loss.
i havent tried anything lighter than 55 grain so far but i'd expect that you would loose some accuracy with your twist rate it can all vary between differnt rifles and each one is differnt so ya never know till ya test it

Awsome pics u have there! lol. Kinda resemble the ones I have. :lol:
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