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Where can I buy a new Remington 700 action?

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Maybe I'm just not looking in the right place, but I'd like to buy a new action for a new build rifle and not have to buy: a) used rifle and junk the rest, or b) new rifle and junk the rest.

Big selection on AR style uppers for new builds, whats up with the 700 action? Can't be patent protected after all these years.....

Any ideas?

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You can bet your ass Remington hasn't sold it. But, you can buy just the Rem 700 action from brownells (the ONLY other place other than remington I believe).

However, goto gun broker / gun shows and get a 700 ADL, then buy a shilen conversion since you dropping it into a better stock. Instant BDL.
Remington has never just sold thier actions or barreled actions until just this year when they made a deal with Brownells. The funny thing is that the cost of the action and magazine comes to almost the exact price of a plain BDL complete rifle. So remington is making a mint on them, and heck, why not, its THEIR design, they can sell them for what ever they want!

But heres my question, sell what? After however many years a patent is good for, once it is up isn't it a free for all? Look at Gortex, when I was in the service this stuff was gold, now everyone and their brother can produce a "gortex" fabric and it is affordable. Why hasn't some of these machine shops programmed up a 700 "type" action and make a little more competition to big green?

Just wondering....
Wow, just looked at the Brownells page. $400 for action only!
Yep, that $400 does not include the floor plate, follower or mag.

The reason is because for someone to reproduce a remington 700 action would probably cost more then buying one from remington. Remember, the 700 action was designed back in the 50's and millions upon millions have been sold. Quantity reduces cost, and when you are building that many, you can roll over engineering costs into the expected return of millions and millions more being sold.

I wonder if the machining on the Brownell actions is any better than the factory 700 actions? Anyone know?
I believe they come from the same manufacturing process, I doubt there is any difference.

Mele, I'm following you there, but for example look at Rock River Arms. Pretty new AR mfg who decided to make a really tight copy of what a bunch of big dogs have been making since the 60's. And bam, picked up a 5 year government contract and their still cheaper to the GP than other top tir AR mfgs.

I'm not saying your wrong, it's just got me thinking thats all.

Thanks for the feed back!


Hey, i'm with you! It would be fantastic to be able to get rem700 compatible actions of equal or better quality for less money! I know I'd be buying them for the SC1's !!

I'm not a patent lawyer, or any kind of lawyer for that matter. But when your talkin a machined action, your also talking copyrighted blueprints, plans, CAD, etc., Remingtons TM'ed name, etc.

And who's to say they don't renew the patent? They have good thing goin' for them, they would be stupid to give it up. It's all about the almighty dollar.
Yes, I agree. But hey, I do not know how all that stuff works out..... I do not suspect anyone will be building reminton 700 knock offs any time soon

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