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which do you think is mre accurate a remington 700p or.....

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which do you think is mre accurate a remington 700p or a savage Model 10FP-LE2B.
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Well, that is a difficult question because there is the possibility of getting a really good sample, or a bad sample of each rifle. The 700P's have been really good lately, and the savages continue to be good. On the whole, its been my experience that the savage rifles tend to be a little more accurate straight out of the box than the remingtons.

you could get an inaccurate or an accurate of either like mel said

it should be a matter of which tradeoff you are willing to make if you are thinking between the two
Remingotn 700 Police is more expensive, comes with a great HS stock in my opinion is a perfect fit to my shoulder for shooting from any position
Remington 700's actions are also smoother while Savage 10 FP LE actions ive seen tend to not be as smooth
Remingtons had better triggers, the old Savage trigger was just short of pathetic but the new accu trigger might be better on average than the 700P trigger
Savage stocks in my opinion are horrible, cheap plastic dont like the feel of them
Savage is a better price but in my opinion you get less
thats why i chose the Remington 700P
you can get the savage with a mcmillan or choate stock.... i have the savage and really like it... looks sweet...

i have heard alot about the 700, in fact when i was looking the guy tried to sell me one.... i like them but i like the savage better

i can get 1moa out of mine with factory ammo.... now that i figured out what stuff to use
I have a 700p that shoots .5 - .75 inch 3 shot groups at 100 yards with a $100 scope and $20 ring and mount kit. I'd say go with the remington has proven to be a good shooter for the money. Althought I got mine on sale for $600. Trigger is adjustable, and the stock is alot better than the standard savage. Also keep in mind that the remington 700 is the 1911 of rifles if you plan to upgrade it.
I figure I am to late to post on this one. But I have had 3 700 P's in the last 2 years and 1 Savage 10FP LE2B, Which I like Remingtons the best put I cannot complain about the Savage with the McMillin stock. This thing is more accurate than my Remingtons.

I got my savage 10FP LE2B for $100.00 more than the 700 P.....
which is more accurate

Well for my two cents woth,I have had two savage fp10 tacticals and one fp110, two 308s and one 223 (fp10) and three Rem 700p's two in 308 and one in 223 and the remingtons win hands down for accuracy.never got the savages to shoot better than about 1.5 moa the remingtons easily shoot .75moa or better as does my S&W 1500 military and police .308
havent tried the new savages but remington is my accuarcy choice my personal best is .5 moa for five shots and still expermenting with loads.

The problem that you might have with the Savage is that there is not a lot of "extras" you can get unlike the 700. I was looking at both of them and just got the 700 PSS for myself. I picked it up for $500.00 over the internet from a ret. sniper. If you not in a hurry to buy then keep checking places like Then check other sites for sales on scopes. You might get a Rem 700 for the same price as a Savage.

i have a rem 700 adl 223 and a savage 116ss barrel 300 ultramag both are accurate
as can be 700 adl 223shoots .25moa @100(with me shoting w/sandbags) the 300 has a quick sight in job for hunting this year and with a dirty barrel shoots .50 moa @100
i didnt have time to sight it in perfectly grabbed rifle from gun store that mounted scope and 4 shots later blew out the x @100
will resight in after deer season and let you know final results
someone wish me luck deer hunting its been a bad year and a story from heck behind it
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