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Which is better Black Hills or Federal?

  • Black Hills Match .308 168gr.

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  • Federal Match Gold .308 168gr.

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Which is better Federal Match or Black Hills Match?

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To put in simply, I own a Savage 10fp and so anyways I have been doing alot of long range shooting lately (this basically means me and my friends go see who is the better marksman) and I was just wondering which .308 Match factory ammo is better Federal or Black Hills. So far I've noticed Black Hills seems to be the most economic choice. I've also been talking to a couple of long range guys at my range and basically i've been hearing that Federal is better or Black Hills is better, or load it yourself (However I lack neccessary skills and equipment to load my own ammo).
So which one is better Federal or Black Hills?
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it depends on the rifle
neither is better
some rifles will like black hills and some will like federal better
i said federal cause more of my guns like federal than they do black hills
you have to try both out and see which your rifle likes
whens this coming out?

oh another GOOD bullet type is the Federal Premium Vital Shock Barnes 180 gr Tripple Shock X Bullet
so do 180 gr Nosler AccuBond
i tried them in .30-06 cause i was disappointed that Federal Gold Medal match is only availabe in 168 gr but these rounds are great alternatives
a lil pricey though ... B3GF5S8T4A ... B3GF5S8T4A

of course like i said before
the rifles ive used them in like them doesnt mean yours will
i have a Remington 700P with a 26" barrel and a 1:12 twist
supposedly its boarderline but it does just fine with the 175 gr rounds
i'd test a small ammount at 100y and then move further to make sure it stabilizes
mel is right
if you want to measure MOA do it at 100y maybe 200
at 1000y the chances are your shooting, failure to ajust the clicks will be off, not just the inconsistancy of the ammo
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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