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Which is better Black Hills or Federal?

  • Black Hills Match .308 168gr.

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  • Federal Match Gold .308 168gr.

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Which is better Federal Match or Black Hills Match?

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To put in simply, I own a Savage 10fp and so anyways I have been doing alot of long range shooting lately (this basically means me and my friends go see who is the better marksman) and I was just wondering which .308 Match factory ammo is better Federal or Black Hills. So far I've noticed Black Hills seems to be the most economic choice. I've also been talking to a couple of long range guys at my range and basically i've been hearing that Federal is better or Black Hills is better, or load it yourself (However I lack neccessary skills and equipment to load my own ammo).
So which one is better Federal or Black Hills?
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Well, both are good ammo. I don't think you could say one is better than the other hands down. The best one is the one that shoots the best out of your rifle. Heck, I have a friend that uses Remington ammo, that shoots better out of his rifle than BH or Federal.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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