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Why don't we all meet in Montana

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Just a thought boys:

Why don't we all get together this summer in Montana?

Or we could all meet someplace else. I know a rancher in South Dakota who has several million prairie dogs that could provide interesting shooting. The range will vary from 100 meters to 1000 meters or further.

It could be a fantastic schutzenfest. What do you guys think?

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Money springs to mind, and the phrase not enough of. :?
should be fun, depends on the dates though.... Ive got some things lined up and would need specific dates to figure out whether or not i can come.
Great idea, especially since ill be working in Wyoming this summer. Prarie dogs would be great, wonder what my 300 Win would do to one.......My cheap scope on my mauser finally kicked the bucket so my 300 is my only scoped rifle. Guess ill have to get one of these Muelers to replace it :D

Just don't tell that foreigner in charge of California it's leaving the state.

Scatch Maroo
6.5shooter said:
Prarie dogs would be great, wonder what my 300 Win would do to one.......
Reminds me of the time my younger brother ran out of 22 ammo when he was groundhog hunting in Virginia. Went and pulled my step fathers .357 Magnum single shot off of the wall.....drew down about 50 yards from the groundhog, and vaporized it. Step dad came home, alls I heard was, "Dad, you should have seen it, there was blood and guts going all over the place!" Theres still a big stain on the woodshed from that.......
"Kablam" says the .357.
"Splatter" goes the groundhog.

Largest calibre weapon I've ever seen a groundhog take a round from was 7.62x54R. That blew it all over the place.

Now Scatch's big-fifty, we'll have to shoot the groundhog with a .22, duct-tape [Can solve all problems] to a board, and then have Scatch zero on it at 500 or so metres. Take it out from there. I imagine the "Splat-Splatter-Splash" will all be visible from that far away without optics.
Well, if a location and time are agreed upon, I will make an effort to be there!

Now, if things pan out like I am hoping, SC may have a location for gathering/shooting in MT. But there will likely be no ground hogs. Perhaps just iron maidens. (if you know what I mean)

That sounds like a great idea. My wife has always wanted to go to Montana; if things go the way I hope they do, a vacation there for this would be great for us both this summer. Other places could be really great too though.
I would definately be up for a get together, it would be a great opportunity for a gober rookie(not unlike myself) to learn from you more experienced shooters. lol this is like the best excuse for the guys who are purchasing SC rifles to show em off lol.

the wait is killing me mel
An annual SC match would be quite something. Small groups can make matches really take off, just look at the single stack classic. I'll keep a close eye on this one, assuming it was organized well and enough people could attend it would be great fun, I might even be able to take some of that much-accumulated but never used vacation time I supposedly have at work.
and whos gonna pay for my flight?
heh id love to but i dont exactly want to pay for transportation :)
I have enough air miles for that! Perhaps if there were enough lead-time it would allow more people to arrange things to attend.

madgunsmith said:

Or we could all meet someplace else. I know a rancher in South Dakota who has several million prairie dogs that could provide interesting shooting. The range will vary from 100 meters to 1000 meters or further.

It could be a fantastic schutzenfest. What do you guys think?
Now that sound’s like serious fun! And the thought of Scatch picking them off with the .50……
I'm all over a trip to Montana for the SC shooting competition on Mel's current UD range. Shooting the Irons is wonderful - instant feedback on the hit (clang!!!!) I would likely not bring the wife, but would prefer to remain mostly under control during teh trip (although I'd probably have to bring a cigar or two and a bottle of Bookers for sippingat night).

Who knows the Houston contingent might be able to travel together.

If we get enough interest we should be able to get a discount at a local hotel. :D

Just for the fun of it I'll see how far it would be. I can't say I would go, at least not with any measure of reliability lol. Someone could start another charity to get me, scatch, and spade there lol.

Hows the nightlife in Missoula?

Not gonna go clubbin, Jeffvn?!
Nope no clubbin for this Jar head. Too much risk of a "noteworthy event" occuring when lots of guys and lots of drink get involved.

Not that I begrudge drunken stupors and stupid behavior. You guys can and should go and enjoy yourself. I certainly had my share of drunken stupors and stupid behavior when I was overseas in the USMC - I just don't feel the need to participate in that activity anymore.

My wife and I have too much to lose on behalf of someone else's mistakes. (old-guy talk I know, but I have to protect my wife's carreer as well as my own) :cry:

I would suggest that there be no drinking.

And if we plan this properly, we can have arrange for folks to travel together.

At the outset, let me ask this question:

Who would be willing to drive to Montana? Let's figure out how many vehicles would be involved and then let's figure out a way to fill those vehicles.

I would drive west and I have room for 4 passengers. Send me a PM and let me know where you are. And I'll see if I can pick you up along the way.

Jeffvn said:
I would likely not bring the wife...
I assume you say that becaue I mentioned it. Let me explain a sec. She really needs a vacation, has always wanted to go there (Bozeman specifically), and is getting interested in shooting; since we're having trouble I thought this would be a good thing for use to do to mend things. I didn't really think about it much past that. I didn't mean it to sound like it probably does, sorry if I look weird or whatever. It just seemed like that type of trip might be good for us. I guess she wouldn't have to come to the shooting part of it, she's more into finding some shopping or sightseeing. Sorry again, I didn't want to put a hamper on things for anyone else.
My trucks a two seater, so its unlikely I can drive with someone and carry all my gear. I would plan, however to bring the AR-15 (just in case I see a groundhog) and the 700P.
Option 1:
The property I am trying to arrange things on (perhaps even purchase) is 40 acres, Forest Service on 2 sides, private cattle propertly on the other two (its land locked with road easements). Mix of open land and forest. Its up in the mountains and has a rustic cabin on it large enough to sleep a good dozen plus people. Water and electricity are available, rusticly. The small town of deerlodge with good lodging (in a more conventional manner) is about 30 minute drive down the 10 or so miles of dirt road. Access to more wild forest service land than you can shake a stick at!

Option 2:
Missoula has plenty of lodging and a good night life for those interested.
Access to a 1000yard range (with advanced planning) and some surrounding forest service land where I do some fun UD shooting.

Either option, there is plenty of good montana stuff to see and do. Glacier Park is about 2.5 hour drive north of Missoula, and is worth the drive! If you are a fisherman (trout specifically) the options are limitless. But of course, everyone would be coming up for the shooting!

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