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Wifes new Rem 700 P

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This one is for the wife to shoot.
Rem 700P
Super Sniper 10X
Mark 4 base
Millet rings until I replace them(SOON)
Tactical Intervention sling from Mike Miller. M24 model
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I have put 24 rds through it to get the scope zeroed and then start on a decent load for her to shoot. So far I am pleased and thing is working out well with it.

My wife started shooting my 12Ga 870 a couple years ago at some clay pigioens and she really liked that. So then she would make a trip with me to the gun club and set and watch, well she must of got the itch because she asked me if she could try. I was already dialed in at 300yds shooting at 20OZ pepsi bottles so she took aim on the bottles and hit about 10 of them and only using about 12-13 rounds to do it in.
12twist said:
Where can iI get a buttstock shell rig like that? I am actually looking for one without the sling, already have a nice padded sling.
This just isnt a sling..... Check out the M24 sling here and read about the Quick Cuff it is awsome.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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