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Winchester actions

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Have been looking into getting another rifles for some time. As always I start to read and my mind gets all confused. I am interested in getting a Win. Stealth II. For some reason I always like to stray from the norm and try out different stuff. My question is regarding the Win. actions. Now I realize that the Stealth II action is controlled round push feed. Every one seems to talk about the pre 64 Win. action. This was a controlled round feed correct? And it is my understanding that you could not single load, but had to place it in the magazine first. So is this new CRPF action an improvement? The only thing that I am kind of iffy about is the newness of this action. Also in Mele's review of the Stealth I he speaks of not liking the push feed action, ins't this what a rem. 700 is?
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I have the stealth 1 in a .223. The best thing about it is the price. I dont know how you beat a rifle like that price wise. I have gotten anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 moa with it. Typically its around 1/2. Thats with really good handloads. Its a push feed which I dont really have a problem with but a claw feed would be nice. Overall I have been very satisfied with the rifle.

I also have a 300wsm in crpf. I dont know what some people are talking about when the say you cant single load them because I can single load mine.

If the stealth feed uses crpf, id deffinately want to look at the rifle before I bought it. Winchester has kinda gotten sloppy with their actions lately. I have had problems with their new actions and scope mounts. I have also heard many instances of this. On one of their new crpf actions I have, I think they did a really poor job of tapping the screws for mounts because the scope, when zeroed, is way off to the right. I still have enough windage but it sucks having so much of it gone. Besides that, I have had no problems and the crpf is really neet. Basically its a claw feed without big claw, that can single load and ejects the shell only when it is opened up all the way. I guess that would help preventing a jam although I have never had one with a bolt gun.
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I have been reading and wondering why the Rem action is so popular. It seems as though in all the articles I have read, big/deadly game hunters prefer a mauser style action where reliability is a must. Would snipers not fall into this category? I had a Rem 700p that I kick myself for getting rid of. It would shoot 1/2" average groups all day. Now I hear about the quality control problems Win and Rem seems to be having it it seems it is a crap shoot when you spend your money. I really want to buy a new rifle but having a hard time deciding.
The popularity of the rem700 action cannot really be pointed to just one thing. It all started back in 1964 when winchester changed their actions and pretty much ticked everyone off. At that point people started looking elsewhere. The 700 action was built pretty much out of a tube of steel, this was a cost cutting measure... it turns out it became a gun smiths dream! They could just put the action in a lathe and turn that thing and perform their accurizing magic! They were very simple to work on. This aided in the popularity. Of course, the accuracy was good out of the box too. Once the M40 was decided to be built on the rem 700 action, that pretty much set the ground work for the popularity of the rem action from then on out.

Certainly other actions have better features and functionality over the remington. But BETAMAX format was better than VHS also. Anyway, I think most operators are not tied to one brand of rifle action. Honestly, I really am liking these Montana Rifleman actions.. I'll have a SC3 up and running within a month (if all goes well) and we'll see how it performs. BUT, I will say now, they are NOT as easy to work on as rem actions... just a fact of life. Winchester makes a fine action also, especially with the claw extractor, nothing wrong with them.

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