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Winchester Model 70

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First time poster here, and I've got a question if you wouldn't mind answering.

I've got a Winchester Model 70, but I'm not sure which model it really is. I've taken the notion that it is a Cold Weather Custom in 7mm Magnum (which I know). And since I'm only a student on a VERY tight budget, I picked this gun up for $400 from a local dealer.

I figured it was a good deal, and I wanted a long distance rifle so I picked it up. Well, now comes the indepth questions.

Is Winchester a good enough brand to make into a custom? I know Remington is the most widely used, and most widely availible. But would this be a gun that would be worth while to make into a target/hunting rifle? Right now it has a 26" barrel, 1:9" twist rate, and a standard action and bolt. Magnaporting is done also.

I'm just wondering, if this would be a gun that would be worth while to say ... stick a good scope on, trigger job, large bolt handle, new stock, ect. Or would I be better off to try and pick up a used ADL or BDL from someone or somewhere and mod that out.

I don't know if 7mm is too big for target and paper punching. I know the ammo isn't easy on the pocket book, so I was thinking that it might be better off to buy something like a .308 so I can pick up cheap WOLF ammo. I've been liking the big bores more and more, and the .338 has been looking like one heck of a rifle also.

I'd like to see this rifle with like a heavier barrel, and fluting done to it. Maybe used for long range deer or elk hunting.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and good job on a wonderful site,
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Winchester has made a very strong come back the last couple of years. Their most recent rifles have been very good. The M70 action is a very good action to build a custom rifle on. I would have no reservations doing so. The Stealth is indeed a good rifle for those interested

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