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Winchester Model 70

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First time poster here, and I've got a question if you wouldn't mind answering.

I've got a Winchester Model 70, but I'm not sure which model it really is. I've taken the notion that it is a Cold Weather Custom in 7mm Magnum (which I know). And since I'm only a student on a VERY tight budget, I picked this gun up for $400 from a local dealer.

I figured it was a good deal, and I wanted a long distance rifle so I picked it up. Well, now comes the indepth questions.

Is Winchester a good enough brand to make into a custom? I know Remington is the most widely used, and most widely availible. But would this be a gun that would be worth while to make into a target/hunting rifle? Right now it has a 26" barrel, 1:9" twist rate, and a standard action and bolt. Magnaporting is done also.

I'm just wondering, if this would be a gun that would be worth while to say ... stick a good scope on, trigger job, large bolt handle, new stock, ect. Or would I be better off to try and pick up a used ADL or BDL from someone or somewhere and mod that out.

I don't know if 7mm is too big for target and paper punching. I know the ammo isn't easy on the pocket book, so I was thinking that it might be better off to buy something like a .308 so I can pick up cheap WOLF ammo. I've been liking the big bores more and more, and the .338 has been looking like one heck of a rifle also.

I'd like to see this rifle with like a heavier barrel, and fluting done to it. Maybe used for long range deer or elk hunting.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and good job on a wonderful site,
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Hey Sholiz

Last year I bought a winchester 70 black shadow in 300 win mag, and thats an economy rifle. I didn't expect anything much out of it, but it suprised me. Mel pointed out to me here on the forum that quality of mass produced rifles can vary, but this one shot about 1.8 moa out of the box. Not too shabby.

I find the 70 to be a good strong action, and I bet it would be a great start to a custom rifle. For me, since I'm on abit of a budget too, I just build to it slowly, and enjoy it in the meanwhile. Start with the trigger job, as that will always be there. If you want to keep your stock, wait on it, and have it bedded. If not, a choate varmint stock was able to cut my group size in half. I know it would work better with a heavier barrel though.

As for the barrel, well, theres a lot of great makers out there and great prices too...If you don't have your heart set on any other rifles, just save up a lil at a time, and get to know shooting your rifle as it is for now. I know 7mm mag can be a little expensive, but not terribly, and the kick isn't all that severe either...Personally I don't find it different from 30-06 range...a little softer than my 300.

For the scope, there are some alternatives to a pricey Leupy...I find my Bushnell 3200 Elite 10X40 with mil dot is a great bargian...Bet its only $200 US, and its dependable. Mel has a review of it on his site, and I think he did a good job of writing it. If you don't mind a scope fixed on 10 power. Burris scopes have been mentioned here too, and one has a reticle that has marks on it to compensate for shooting from 100 to 500 M...They are affordable too.

I think you can do a lot with your rifle. Just figure out what you would like to keep, what it really needs, and hold off on things like the bigger bolt handle, and other things that aren't really essential. Hey, who knows, maybe after bedding the stock, tuning the trigger, and a little bit of truing, you'll be satisfied with the results, and not want to do anything else to it. As is, its a wonderful hunting rifle. Find out how much everything will cost. Decide if thats right for you. If not, then you can buy a tactical rifle without breaking the bank. 7mm Mag is a great long range round, and a very effective hunting round. I don't think anyone makes match ammo, but with premium ammo you will be pretty damn accurate anyway. I have to agree with Jeff_850 on the wolf stuff...If you like hitting the broad side of a barn, stay away from it.

Sounds to me like you have a great rifle.
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If someone really wanted a model 70 to use for long range shooting, but for whatever reason didn't want to build one, the stealth looks awesome.
Right on, Thermal.

For now, unless buying a new stock, bed the action only, and not the'll only have to change that later anyway, when the barrel is bigger. Personally I find light sporter barrels react better to bedding while heavy barrels like free floating, but every rifle is different.

Good point about bedding/free floating/new stock dropping accuracy too...50% isn't out of the question.

When you start shooting, just for fun put a business card between your barrel and stock. That might improve things. If it does, free float it.
Well, if you put the card as far down the barrel towards the receiver as you can, when you re tighten the front screw it free floats the barrel a little...Well, the thickness of a card anyway. You should be able to pass a dollar bill between the barrel and stock. If you have to, use two cards but one usually does it. Its enough to notice a difference.
lol thats one way of putting prob.

I usually do it just to see how a barrel would respond to really being floated.
Ugh...A F-ed up fluting job...that has to suck
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