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winchester model70 or remington 700 ADL. which is best?

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Hi there, ive just got into shooting, and am after a high powered hunting riffle. ive decided to opt for a 308 (7.62mm) calibre. Down here in oz my reashearch has led me to the winchester model 70 and the remington 700ADL. ive been told that they are accurate and reliable.they are alittle expensive here but worth the money. im asking you guys for any info, as those riffles are pretty common over in america. I cant decide between them. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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There is lots of information about those various models in these forums. Feel free to search and let us know of any specific questions you have. There are many models of Win 70's, you'll need to know which model of the 70 you wish to compare against the 700 ADL.

The United States Marine Corps uses the Remington M-700 action on there sniper rifle called the M-40A3... allthough it is a highly modified action it still is a Remington 700 action... the US Army also chose the Remington M-700 action for its snipers. The US Army buys there rifles from Remington... its the Remington M-24 SWS. Allthough... the Winchester M-70 isnt a bad rifle either. Carlosh Norman Hathcock II chose the Winchester M-70 with a semi varminter barrel in 30-06 for his sniping... and he is well known as one of the best snipers ever... if not the best. But i might point out... he specifically chose the Pre-64 Winchester M-70. Its better made. It all depends on the person and what they are going to do with it. Either action ... Remington M-700... or Winchester M-70 would make a great base for a rifle.
In my opinion, the only major advantage of the remington is that it is much easier to machine in a lathe. For custom gunsmithing work, it is a major plus. Other than that, I think they perform equally well. Although I really like the new controlled round push feed m70. I built a custom rifle out of one of these actions and it has turned out to work really well. One problem with all the new winchester actions is the scope mount surfaces. I put together a rifle for somebody and I had to use shims on the rear mount just so that it would be elevated enough to be able to zero in. I have also heard of a few other gunsmiths having this problem. The action I used didnt have that problem so I imagine that it is a few out of a bunch. I know winchester makes a stealth I and stealth II that chamber a .308. I have a stealth I and with good handloads, I get about .5 moa groups. I would recommend this gun because here in the US, you can find it for about 600 to 700 bucks. Thats pretty cheap compared to many other .308 rifles.
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If you plan to build up the rifle it seems to me that there are alot more remington 700 accesories.
My new one is on a 700 ADL REC and it shoots real nice, but it is an 80's reciever so the older REM info from earlier posts may apply.
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