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Worth Bedding Magpul Hunter?

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Hey all,

I've got a magpul hunter 700 on my rem custom rifle, and even though it comes with an integral bedding block i was wondering if anybody has found benefit in epoxy/glass/jb weld bedding their action into these stocks?

I'm dubious as to whether i'd see any benefit to this but i would definitely consider doing it if somebody else has had success.
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I would guess you would see a little improvement. However, i would guess that there would be more gain from a better stock than from bedding that one. I wouldn’t put the money or time into the Magpul.
I didn't on mine and it gives me great performance out my .308 win. If stand them straight up and tighten then to specs, it'll be good. I need to work up my load to see if I can get better groups. I'm at 5/8" to 6/8" group now. But I'm using my old 308 combination. Take it out shoot it and if you reload play around a little with your loads.

Jeff D

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My reply to this type of question is always the same: If it already shoots well, bedding will not make a big difference in accuracy. If it does not shoot well, it is worth a try and skim bedding a bedding block stock is easy enough to do yourself.
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The bedding block is made of A380 cast aluminum; one of the most popular aluminum alloys known for its durability and being lightweight.a
I got spoiled by my Chassis stock. I have an MPA that i Like for my 700 SA in 6.5CM. The action used to be a 700P in 308 before rebarrel. Kinda wish I went with another action with hind sight but still a crazy good shooter.
It's unlikely you would be able to see any benefit. The only way I would try and do it is if I saw a change in the bolt feel when the action is properly torqued in the stock.
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