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Action: CZ550 416 rigby action

Barrel: Bartlein, stainless steel 30", 1:9.5 twist, 5r rifling, custom contour 1.35" for 6" straight tapered to 1.1" at the muzzle.

Stock: McMillan Baker Special with Sniper fill. Custom camo pattern. Free floated with molded in pillars. 14.5" LOP. 2 way adjustable butt plate. Adjustable cheekpiece. 1 sling swivel in the front, and 4 flush cups - 2 in the back (bottom and left) and 2 in the front (bott and left).

Asking $2300

Not drilled and tapped for a base. Total weight about 17 pounds.

This rifle was built last year. First the barrel was made then the stock all done within 1.5 year time period. The barrel was fitted to the action by Bartlein.

All paperwork available. Invested about $2700.

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