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Tikka T3 Sporter Stock, laminate, brand new on brand new unfired Tikka 308 rifle received yesterday.
Never a round fired with the stock on this rifle nor out of rifle.

Selling this stock unit which is a laminated wood version of the SAKO TRG fiberglass
sniper rifle stock . If you own a Tikka short action rifle and want to move that rifle into a TRG type configuration, this stock is what you need.

This Tikka T3 sporter stock is 100% new with adjustable rubber butt plate and adjustable
chin piece. Comes with all sling attachments and tools.

Price is $375 shipped. Photos available on request: email me .

I am transplanting the Tikka 308 rifle onto a KRG Whiskey Class III chassis and will
have no need for the T3 stock.
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