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441 rounds of 308 WINCHESTER Ammo. This is a package deal sale. The items list as follows: 154 rounds (7 boxes of 20/1 box of 14) of Factory New Hornady TAP FPD POLYMER TIPPED 168 GRAIN MATCH GRADE L.E.

This is the original TAP with the black anodized casings and the red polymer tip in the black box and red letters used by many law enforcement agency designated marksmen... For these I am asking the current listed price of $30 per box ($230) as it is considered a specialty ammunition. For the other below listed ammo, I'm asking less than $1.00 per round @.60 each x 287 rounds for a total of ($172.20) =asking $402.20 total + $28.00 UPS Ground shipping.

20 rounds of new factory Federal Tactical 165gr TACTICAL LOAD. 20 rounds of Federal Premium 180gr High Energy NOSLER. 20 rounds of Remington CORE-LOKT 150GR Ptd soft point. 20 rounds of Black Hills 168gr bthp. 30 rounds of PMC 168GR BTFMJ. 78 rounds of Pindad 168gr.btfmj. 90 rounds of Winchester BUFFALO BORE 168gr bthp. 9 round of Lake City 168gr.bthp (Carlos "White Feather" Hathcock era) Plus a bag of 165 pieces once fired 308 brass casings...Feel free to check my ebay feedback ratings under user name "almostdone740". Thanks for checking it out.
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