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Selling a Savage 10BA Stealth with Nikon Black X1000 MRAD scope. Rifle and scope have less than 200 rounds through it. Ammo used were two boxes of Hornady 140gr match and two boxes of Prime ammo (Norma makes all of Prime's ammo). Also fitted to the rifle is a Luth-AR MBA-3 and a Precision Armament muzzle break. I saved all of the brass and even have some ammo left over. Price is firm due to having some emergency medical issues pop up.

The rifle had a proper barrel break in following Nosler's method. Rifle was cleaned after each visit to the range.

Rifle: $1000 (new)
Scope: $700 (new)
Luth-AR: $150 (new)
Precision Armament: $125 (new)

I hate to sell it...I really do but I know that I have to. I can send pictures later but I can't do it while I'm at my work computer.
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