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PENDING SALE. For sale is The Fix by Q. It is literally brand new and I have not fired it or even mounted a scope. I have had some other finances pop up that need to be taken of so my newest toy has to go.

It has a 20" Bartlein barrel chambered in 6.5 creedmoor with Q's cherry bomb muzzle break, fully adjustable folding stock, 45 degree bolt throw, and it takes AR10/SR25 mags. It does not have a chassis like every other bolt rifle out there which means this thing is pretty light weight. Comes with the case and 2 mags. $2800.

May consider trading for a cheaper gun plus cash. Doesn't hurt to offer. Things I am interested in:
-Glock 43
-Tikka T3X (.308 or 6.5 creedmoor)
-M1A scout or socom16

USPS money orders only. Ships only from my FFL dealer to your FFL dealer.

Please contact me for pictures if interested. The forum won't let me post pictures since I am new. Thank you.
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