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So I took my rifle to the range for the first time yesterday and I really like the fit and feel of the XLR element chassis with the tac light stock. It's a long action chassis for my custom built .300 win mag. There were however some things about the chassis that were a little annoying.

Because my LOP is so short, 12.75", I had to completely lower the cheek pad to remove the bolt to clean the barrel. This requires you to loosen the allen screws on the cheek pad to be able to remove the bolt, otherwise the bolt handle catches the cheek pad.

I don't see this as being a major issue once the break in process is done. It's just annoying to have to adjust the cheek pad every three shots. Overall the chassis is nice, it got a lot of stares at the range. The tac light butt stock has a nice recoil pad and really absorbed the recoil of that win mag well.

Not a bad deal for $595.
Takes AI mags and has easy to use mag release.
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