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Your Favorite Rifle Actions...

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Simply this, I was wondering what were people's favorite actions (i.e. Remington, Savage, Mauser etc.) are and why. I was thinking that I might use what people put as there favorite actions to choose upon what might be my next rifle purchase (Christmas is right around the corner and I will defenitly have some cash to burn).

So far my favorite action has to be a Remington, even though I own a Savage 10FP-LE2, I have always loved Remington actions, the main reasons being are that I have always grew up around them, smooth action, and a crap load of 3rd party modifications. My dad has alot of 700s in varying calibers, so I have alot of experience with them.

Also, my second choice would be a Savage action. The reason why I don't own a Remington rifle is that at the time I didn't have enough money to afford a 700P (Summer jobs at wal-mart just don't pay well for the hours required to smile and kiss customer ass).
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The undoubtly smoothest action I've ever put my hands on was the SSG-3000. But I think it's way too smooth to be used out in the mud and grit and such.

The action I think I like the most is Sako, though. It seems like the perfect combination of ruggedness and smoothness. Tikka seems pretty good, too. I don't mind my Remmy700,'s just that I miss the claw... :(
Remingtons are fine... not my favorite though. Don't like the extractors or the 2 position safety.

I really like the Tikka actions. Simplisticly smooth. Though the plastic mags in the T3's feel cheap....

Mausers are fine, but they are quite large, of course rugged too. Claw is great.

Winchesters (pre 64) of course are another fine action... but dated. The newer ones are not as bad as their "post 64" reputations would indicate.

Savage actions are decent, no real faults. A simple and robust design, but no hinged floor plates.

I'll let you know on the MT rifleman actions as the SC3 prototypes come together, but so far they look great and have all the features that I look for. Super strong, claw extractor, mud groove, 3 position safety, etc.

Don't like steyrs because the ones I've shot were not very smooth. (I've only shot SSG's)

CZ's are pretty good, triggers need help, but actions were fairly smooth and are basically a modern Mauser. Could use a little stronger firing pin spring on the one I have.

Weatherby actions are another well thought out action. The vanguard I just shot (in .270 WSM) only had a two position safety though. Action was smooth though. A nice rifles overall. The Mk5's are very nice too.

Howa, same as Weatherby vanguard.

Rugers are a modern Mauser also, and not bad. Good extrators. Not as smooth as some, not as bad as others.

Gee. there are more I've shot.... but this aught to work for now.

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i like the Remington 700
there the world's standard for tactical rifles
because of this there is an indefinite ammount of aftermarket parts for them
they are good actions, reliable, smooth and rugged
can be hugely improved by a good gunsmith
My fav is the mauser 98, because it set the bar by what we measure so much of today, and gave us so many other great rifles/actions like Springfields, P14/17, lotsa hunting rifles.... They may be improved, but they were based on the mauser. Working the bolt on a Kar 98 sure feels slick.
I have a Remington, Ruger, and an Interarms X (I don't know much about the rifle). The Remington action is just great and the Interarms is fine also. But I have a couple Rugers. And my experiance with Rugers are there actions are just as smooth as any of the other ones I've tried. My Ruger that is not even a year old has a very smooth action. And my other Ruger that is probably 30 years old has an smoother action that the new one.
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