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Your idea of the perfect custom 1911(s)

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If ever there was a topic that not everyone will agree on, this is it. The 1911 is an all-american pistol, and as mentioned elsewhere in these forums, it can be built exactly the way you want it.

So, what is your idea of a perfect 1911? I'm not going to include any qualifiers, if your idea of perfect is a comped red-dot .38 Super IPSC racegun, lets hear it, although I would encourage more "working guns" than trick-pistols.

For me, Titanium is the name of the game. Caspian makes many of the major components for a 1911 in this incredible material, which is nearly corrosion-impervious, lighter and stronger than steel.

While I could make a huge list of different custom 1911s, my first will probably be a full-custom stainless and titanium piece of commander dimensions. It will have a protected adjustable plain black rear sight, and white line front blade. Oh, and heres the kicker: it will be in 9x19mm. Before the 9 vs. .45 thing comes up, let me just say we've all heard that arguement before, so forget it. I have my reasons.

So lets hear it gentleman (and ladies). Be sure to tell the size, caliber, and anything else you want to include about your personal ideal rendition of the gun of the century.
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A Wilson CQB with rubber grip pads and a more humane pricetag :|
I have pictures posted on another thread. Here are the modifications:

CMC match frame
Caspain match grade slide
Finished is two tone, with hard chromed frame and parts.
Blued slide with matte round and highly polished flats.
Slide is flat topped, French bordered and finely serrated @ 40 lpi.
Frame is very high gripped and 25 lpi checkered on the front strap, 20 lpi on the back strap
BarSto stainless match barrel.
BCP tool steel hammer, sear, disconector and titanium hammer strut.
Hex head grip screws and magazine release pin.
Magazine release is hand cut to medium length.
Slide raceways are polished.
Carry bevel on every edge of the entire gun.
BCP fixed sights
(The rear notch is .125” x .125” with a .125” width front)
Match AFTEC extractor is installed.
Rear of the slide is qualified and cut flush as is the barrel, slide and bushing.
BCP hard use trigger without a setscrew.
Hand picked, double diamond coca bola wood grips
The ejection port was lowered and flared ejection port front and back to enable ejection of a live round of ball ammo.
Barrel throated and flush crowned as a BCP trademark.
Single sided Brown safety trimmed to BCP specs.
Beveled magazine well into the main spring housing
Serrate rear of slide at 40 lines per inch

:D :D

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The perfect one for me would be a WWI vintage one as delivered to the British army in .455 Webley.
just a standard 1911 like my gf's Kimber Stainless II w/ some match parts would be fine for me

dammit lucky her... her sister can buy em for her, no one can get one for me dammit

still i havent gotten a custom gun, id probably just end up with a Kimber Stainless II or a S&W or maybe Colt 1911

definitely in .45 ACP though

no titanium... makes it lighter and makes recoil heavier which is less controllable though i dont think it would be too bad
Jeff_850 said:
still i havent gotten a custom gun, id probably just end up with a Kimber Stainless II or a S&W or maybe Colt 1911
C'mon over to the Left coast and I'll buy you a Glock--if they were made in 1911, the original models would still be outlasting everything else today--and they're a helluva lot cheaper, too. :)

Scatch Maroo
whats the Colt 1991 series?
anyone have any thoughts or comments on these
I've heard they're crap. Poor attempts to fix something that wasn't broken. But the keyword here is "heard".

I'd still prefer a 1911 over a 1991 if I was to have a somewhat "classic Colt". And it would have to be .45ACP. I just can't get myself to buying...say a Para Stealth 9 or something along those lines. It's just....wrong :)
I can't think of a better 1911 for the money than my Springfield TRP. It has all the mods that count and the performance is phenomenal. I have over 8000rds through my original TRP and the performance has been flawless with every type of ammo I have tried. I bought its twin as a backup about a year ago and have nearly 3000rds through it and again, flawless performance. I am, however, looking at the new 1911 from SIG. A good friend bought one when they first came available and he is now a sworn convert. This is from a guy that doesn't get jazzed about ANYTHING. I like the features offered by this pistol, especially the integral accessory rail and the lack of a guide rod. If you can get exceptional accuracy without the guide rod, it is a definite plus since takedown is simplified and overall complexity is reduced. I have one on order and will update you guys after I try it out.

As to the 1991 Colt, Kamatz heard right. This has got to be the biggest piece of sh-- ever produced. Everything that can go wrong with it will. Jams, broken extractors, sights falling off, crappy trigger, you name it! I hope the next guy that attacks me or my family is armed with one of these if he is armed at all. My wife gave me one for Christmas one year, and it is because of sentiment that I worked as hard as I did to make this gun work. It finally pissed me off so bad that I literally threw it into a stock tank!! NO, I'm NOT kidding (yes, I have a temper). DO NOT BUY ONE. Even a Llama is a better choice.

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Kamatz said:
A Wilson CQB with rubber grip pads and a more humane pricetag :|
You said it. Can't get much better than that.
The last word in 1911 is Ed Brown. I doubt you can find a better 1911 on the market today. The attention to detail and the craftsmanship of his 1911s are remarkable. Brown doesn't add any gadgets to his pistols only what will improve reliabilty, accuracy, and handling.

What more could you want?

Abigail is the nicest 1911 custom pistol I ever saw.

I was actually present when Abigail came to life over at KT Ordnance last February. I was present whilst her frame rails were machined.

Abigail wears a host of Wilson and Ed Brown parts, but the best part is her STI bar-stock slide. STI's slides are flat on top and they are drop dead beautiful. ( Check them on on brownell's website. (part no. 791-201-045 )

Anyhow, the machine work on this pistol is downright exquisite. When you cock the pistol the slide feels like it travels on teflon coated ball bearings. And when you shake the pistol it does not rattle not even slightly. The whole pistol sounds and feels like a solid block of metal.

The trigger pull is about 3.5 pounds and it gives a whole new meaning to the word, "crisp".

When it comes down to it, any 1911 made from quality parts and assembled by a really skilled machinist or gunsmith will be something special.

This pistol was lovingly hand made by an expert machinist and it shows.

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As long as it goes bang every time I pull the trigger, never jams, and I can hit a scumbag size target at 25 yards I'm happy. Saying that I really like the Kimbers I have handled. I enjoyed the Springfield Armory I used to have, and was drooling over a springfield armory in stainless steel I ran into the other day. So many weapons, so little money.
Look at Jeffvn's pistol, that bad boy was tricked out like no other. The gun belonged on a 3-D display case :lol: and not at the range.

Search for it, can't remember what its called right now. But a work of art. :D
here you go:

I have the thread under the Gallery because weh the thread was started there was no sidearm forum.

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Thats a really nice pistol, Jeff!

I think perfect for me will be a Springfield Armory parkerized GI model. Plain and boring maybe, but I like the retro-ness
I should be getting a USGI freebie from the city soon, cant wait to see what shpe its in.
mlammers said:
I should be getting a USGI freebie from the city soon, cant wait to see what shpe its in.
The nice thing about a 1911, you can compleatly rebuild it relativly cheap. Wolff spring kit, new bbl, new bushing, and a new mag it is combat ready again. Well usually.

I have to say, the best pistol for the $ is the Kimber Custom TLE II. Were else can you get a tight fit, front strap checkering, night sights and the rest of the custom features for $799.00? I love mine!
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