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Your opinons

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Ok i am looking into getting an SVD, for about $600.
Does include a scope and some other goodies.
What are your opinons about the weapon?
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For $600.00 there is nothing wrong with it.....just make sure you have a credible smith check it out before you go shooting. Semi auto's can run into some problems so it can't hurt to get it looked at.
An SVD with a scope under $600? I am very skeptical about that combo. What is it chambered for? I don't think that sounds like something I would buy, but of course, I do not know much about Russian arms.
What I believe you are addressing is a Romak-3, the Romanian version of the Russian SVD. In this case, 600 is a good deal. The guns are accurate enough for a fun gun, but no where near a bolt gun. For ammo look into Wolf, I believe the 148 grain is the good stuff. Also who are you going to get the rifle from, some of the sellers have a better rep than others.
Yes it is a romainan unissued, 7.62x54r.
An SVD for $600 not bad but it is the romanian version. I would take it SVD's are older but they still set a long way ahead back then. What are some of the goodies that are coming with it?
Go for it man, but i agree with whoever it was who recomended the smith, always have a check before you go shootin.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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