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Your Thoughts Please

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A friend of mine is looking into buying a rifle to hunt with cause u know were both red knecks :D but he is gun ho on the winchester model 70 and i know from what i read here u guys really like the Rem 700 and Savage 10FP or 110 FP but is the Winchester 70 really up to par with either of these rifles?
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should be plenty good for a hunting rifle

Mel thinks it will preform as good as a Remington or Savage out of the box
no actual experience with this rifle though
Gads, I need to update that page.....

Yes, these rifles (the Stealth II's specifically) are a really nice rifle and do in fact shoot well against the rem's. I give a slight edge in accuracy to the 700P's, but its not much, and rifle dependent.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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