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Yukon 6-100x100 Spotting Scope

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cut and paste from the yukon website

The Yukon 6-100x100 is a revolutionary spotting scope that delivers crystal-clear magnification from 6x to 100x, with no distortion or loss of image quality. Yukon's engineers have achieved this exclusive capability by using two multi-coated objective lenses, one with a 35mm aperture and the other with a 100mm aperture. Both lenses share a common ocular lens, which allows for a smooth transition as the viewer adjusts the scope to the desired magnification.

For low magnification observation, the device utilizes the 35 mm lens. Linear zooming allows magnification adjustments between 6 and 25x. When more magnification is desired, the flip of a switch shifts the light path from one lens to the other. With the 100mm objective lens, zooming capabilities increase to 25-100x magnification. The enormous light gathering capability of the 100mm lens creates a bright and clear picture in nearly all viewing conditions, including twilight.

The Yukon 100x's design provides the user both power, quality and comfort. The scope's body is surprisingly lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport. The high-quality optics are guarded by a durable, composite body.

To prevent viewing fatigue or discomfort, a specially designed adjustable 45-degree, rotating eyepiece is utilized to suit the viewer's comfort from any angle, even when lying on the ground. The unit accommodates both photographic and spotting scope tripods and can double as a telescope for late night stargazing.

I found a website that has an open box demo model that might be within sniper centrals budget. Seems to be an interresting concept and if it performs as it says it does, then it might be an option for a long range spotting scope ... ProdID=352
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I have a Celestron C-5 Spotting scope (50-156X) It is the beast of all scopes, and was suprisingly cost effective considering the quality of the glass that I got. I can tell you from experience that the main problem with such high magnification is that you can't use it when the mirage starts kicking up. Top0-sniper and I were at the range today (just a bit of 300 yard plinking and playing wiht the Mele Postal target at 100), and were limited to using 50X at the 300 yard line because the mirage was acting up in Houston - 55 degrees, not a cloud in the sky and the friggin mirage was kicking up.... :twisted:

Oops I forgot to mention that every once in a while you get the perfect cloudy day when you crank up the scope to 156X and you can see .308 holes in a black sihouette from 600 yards - not to mention taht the trace is visible on every round that is put down range even if you are looking for it. :D

Where might i find this Celestron C-5 Spotting scope (50-156X)? And for how much?
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