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I have me a new rifle.
Built on a Zermatt Big Horn SR3 action by a top tier riflesmith.
It's really nice.


I am really frustrated.
New to this action and there's some... little... something...

I'm just getting to know it here, on my bench and I CAN'T GET THE BOLT OUT ! ! !

I know how it's SUPPOSED to work,
where the bolt release is,
but it ain't working.

I press the bolt release, slide... jiggle... the bolt rearward, but... no joy!

Any help ? ? ?

Many thanks to anyone who can help me.


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Hey Friends, I got it!

I did two things:

1- I slowed down, closed my eyes and just FELT for the feedback those parts were giving me.
2- I pressed the bolt release with the leading edge of my thumbnail, instead of the pad of my thumb.
Than allowed for a "deeper" press of the bolt release mechanism,
almost like I could sorta make it go "below", sort of "into" the body of the receiver,
probably no more than a nanometer (or whatever) but it created that leetle extra bit of
degree of freedom the procedure needed.

So, all is fine here.

Hope everything is fine with all of y'all.

Best regards,

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